or Download the Automatic Product Installer (Trading Investment Helper) from the Link below:


How to Access to Free Trials for Paid Products and to use Free Products

We have made a convenient way for easy access to our free trials for paid products and free products usage. Both free and paid users can access these rich features. In this page, we will assume that you are free user. For paid user, visit the Product Installation Guide for Paid Products here. You do not need your personal or credit card details to access the free trials and free products. You do not even need to register on our website. Just enter 00000 (five zeros) in the automatic installer to get going. The flow chart below shows the simple summary of Installation steps.

Product Installation Helper

1 Minute Tutorial to access to Free Trials and Free Products (Totally free and no signing up required)

  • Close all running MetaTrader in your computer if you can.
  • Download our Trading and Investment Helper and run “TradingInvestmentHelper.exe” file. (Automatic Installer)
  • Enter 00000 in the Order ID field (five zeros)
  • Leave User Email and PIN number empty for free user. Do not fill this field.
  • Click “Start” button

  • Choose Product you want to try from the Product List
  • Press “Install Product” button and then Press “Download Product” button
  • If you are launching Product License Viewer for the first time, click “Download vmProduct” button once. Otherwise, proceed to the next final step.

  • If the download is done successfully, now you will be asked if you want to copy the ex4 (or ex5) files to Indicator folder or Experts folder in your MetaTrader folder
  • For indicator, click “Yes” button. For expert advisors, click “No” button. Click Cancel if you wish to copy files manually to MetaTrader Folder.
  • Everything is done. Now run your MetaTrader and then start to use our products (Do not forget to allow dll import though). You can close Trading and Investment Helper (Automatic Installer) now since you do not need it anymore.

Product License Viewer New Version S004 e1

Trouble Shooting

There are some cases your anti virus software can disturb our Product License Viewer. The simplest solution is just to stop your antivirus software for 10 minutes and put it back after 10 minutes or you might exclude the Product License Viewer folder from antivirus scanning.