Introduction to the dedicated Signal Providing Platform

If you are a Professional Trader, Prop Trading Firm, Commodity Trading Advisor or even businessman, you can expand your trading business with our dedicated Signal Providing Platform for Forex market. If you have an excellent trading system and you want to offer your signal service to literarily numerous traders in the world, here we provide just right solution with the dedicated Signal Providing Platform. Alternatively, you might use third party web site like Myfxbook but they only offer you very limited space for your own signal service. Normally you will not be standing out from rest using third party website. Plus they do not support your own specific marketing and promotion since you do not have much controls on your pages. It is normally difficult to grow your signal service business with the third party website. With our dedicated Signal Providing Platform, you have the full controls over your signal service. Our dedicated Signal Providing Platform offers the technology for your signal to reach the millions of customers across the world. We use the Direct Connection Technology, connecting your signal to your subscriber’s personal computer. Our Direct Connection Technology is much faster than the website or email or text message based technology used by most of third party website. You can also adapt flexible but professional marketing and promotion strategy with our dedicated Signal Providing Platform.

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How it works

Our dedicated Signal Providing Platform consists of two parts including the dedicated Signal Providing Server and Signal Receiving Platform for your signal service. To provide your signal service with our dedicated Signal Providing Platform, you do not have to change the way you trade. The connection between your trading (or your account) and our dedicated signal providing server is automatic. You can even trade on your Meta Trader or any other trading platform. Your trading style can be either manual trading or auto trading. In addition, your trading signal will be precisely delivered to the other ends of your remote subscribers using the fully functional charting package developed by us. This will be comparable to the traditional method of delivering just simple text or email for your signal. Delivering text or email to your subscribers are old fashion and it will not impress your subscribers especially when they pay 30 or 50 us dollar each month for your signal service. In addition, signal receiving platform have builtin Licene management system for your subscriber. Therefore, this is complete commercial solution for your profitable business. Please see the screenshot below for better understanding of how our technology works for your profits.

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What is next

After you know that you have a good trading system for signal service, next thing you need to do is the economic analysis. Therefore, you will need to think about the potential profit from your signal service business. Normally signal providers charge their customers with monthly subscription fee ranging from 10 to 300 US dollar. For example, you need to calculate monthly and yearly potential income and the cost of running the business when your customers pay you each month.  Below we provide sample calculation for your profit with your signal providing services. We assume 20 US dollar each subscription fee per one customers for your signal service. Pure revenue generated each month will look like this below. Note this is sample calculation only.

  • 20 US dollar x 100 customers each month = 2,000 US dollar sales per month
  • 20 US dollar x 200 customers each month = 4,000 US dollar sales per month
  • 20 US dollar x 300 customers each month = 6,000 US dollar sales per month
  • 20 US dollar x 1000 customers each month = 20,000 US dollar sales per month
  • 20 US dollar x 2000 customers each month = 40,000 US dollar sales per month
  • 20 US dollar x 3000 customers each month = 60,000 US dollar sales per month

If you have decided to go ahead with your signal service business plan, next thing you need to do is to contact us to get the quotation for setting up our advanced technology for your signal service business. We are quick and efficient. Please feel free to get the quote today on

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