Development History

We have built numerous tools and solutions for trading and investment in the past. This page shows our development history last 10 years. Some of our tools have been very popular among trading and investment communities past couple of years. Most of our software are finely tuned on sound statistical practice. So backtesting incorporated tools are common among our products. Where it is applicable, we apply very strict risk management principle. Otherwise, at least we provide some guideline to our users. Here we list some of our important development history. Many tools we have built for prop trading firms in London are omitted from this list due to the confidentiality agreement.

  • 2008 – Application of Multilayer Perceptron and Support Vector Machine to predict Financial time series (unofficial)
  • 2009 – Fast Harmonic Pattern Search engine was developed.  (unofficial)
  • 2010 – Application of time series forecasting models and Neural Networks to predict natural gas consumption patterns (official with Danish National Energy Supplier, Dong energy)
  • 2011 July – Neural Network Matlab manual production for time series prediction. (officially published inside Principle of Business Forecasting)
  • 2011 November – Excel add-ins Software for 9 exponential smoothing forecasting model with fully adjustable forecasting options. (officially published inside Principle of Business Forecasting)
  • 2014 May – Harmonic Pattern Plus was developed with features of enabling the back stepping through previous patterns and unique potential reversal zone cluster detection. (Officially published in the market section on Meta Quote corporation website.) We are also the first time inventor of the Pattern Completion Interval Concept, which is the analogy concept of the prediction interval in multiple regression, in the World of Harmonic Pattern Trading. If you like to understand what is the pattern compeltion interval, please read our article to understand the concept of the Pattern Completion Interval:  Quick Guideline for Harmonic Pattern Plus for starter_1.2.
  • 2014 June – Price Breakout Pattern Scanner was the first automated solution in the market to detect tradable patterns like triangle, rising wedge, falling wedge and head and shoulder patterns. Later it is further combined with Renko charting. (Officially published in the market section on Meta Quote corporation website.)
  • 2015 May – Smart Renko was developed. Unlike other renko charting tools, Smart Renko enable to spread renko brick on original candle stick chart allowing user to use all the standard technical indicators. Plus We are the first one constructed statistically sound Zig Zag from Renko brick. (Officially published in the market section on Meta Quote corporation website.)
  • 2016 May – Market Activity Index is the innovative low volatility market monitoring indicator. It is based on our own proprietary market monitoring mechanism. It is beneficial tools to both traders and policy makers who need to be alerted for low volatility markets. (Officially published in the market section on Meta Quote corporation website.)
  • 2016 May – Elliott Wave Trend is the one great step towards counting the Elliott Waves in objective ways. With combined Trend detection algorithm, this tool will give you the opportunity to find the safest entry for your trading.
  • 2016 June – Mean Reversion Supply Demand is the sophisticated tool designed for supply demand trading. It is the mechanical representation of Sam Saiden’s Supply Demand trading rules. Yet, Mean Reversion Supply Demand include Market Profile indicator and comprehensive pivot points indicator to reinforce your market timing.
  • 2016 October- Quant Strategy Inventor is the flexible Quantitative Strategy Builder powered by Spreadsheet Application. We took this challenge to help global traders and investors for precise decision making without pain of learning any third party programming language like C++, C sharp, MQL4, MQL5, easy language, etc. From back-testing to powerful cost simulation, you can do all in fully automatic manner with our Quant Strategy Inventor. You can create any strategies you can imagine on the user friendly Excel that is including many sophisticated trading styles. You can even create your strategy in the Excel VBA and you can use the built-in back-testing and optimization feature from our Quant Strategy Inventor.  Many statistical algorithms and forecasting algorithm inside Quant Strategy Inventor are added benefits for traders and investors to predict markets and to construct safe portfolio.
  • 2016 November – E-Book “Guide to Precision Harmonic Pattern Trading” (New Approach to Apply the Patterns for the Financial Trading) was published through the world biggest E-Book distributor, In this E-Book we introduce Powerful and Brand New Trading Concept “Pattern Completion Interval for Harmonic Pattern Trading” officially.
  • 2016 November – Real Time Tick Chart was published. Real Time Tick Chart basically collect tick data from your Meta trader 4. Then it shows you the tick based candle chart in real time. With Real Time tick chart, you are not any more using time based candle chart. Rather each candle in your chart is made from collecting the same number of ticks. Advantage is that you can use all the built in technical indicators from your Meta Trader without any limitation. Some technical indicators might be more compatible than the others for Tick Chart. We have made our Real Time Tick Chart available to public for free of charge and free to share with other people too. You can download the latest version and manual here. Since this is free version, please use this tool at your own risk.
  • 2016 December – We have extended the typical Supply Demand zone trading for Fibonacci Supply Demand Zone trading with our Mean Reversion Supply Demand. Traders will not wait until the zone is retouched but traders will actively trade on the level which is indicated as highly reversal point by Fibonacci retracement
  • 2017 May – E-Book “Harmonic Volatility Line Indicator (Alternative Approach to Gann’s angle) was published through the world biggest E-Book distributor. You can in fact download this EBook for free of charge from our website.
  • 2017 June – We have released Double Harmonic Volatility Indicator.
  • 2017 July – E-Book “Financial Trading with Five Regularities of Nature” (Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading) was published through the world biggest E-Book distributor,