Risk Management for Harmonic Pattern Trading

Subtitle: The Practical Guide to the Precision Harmonic Pattern Trading

About the EBook

Harmonic Pattern trading uses the direct pattern recognition from the price chart to predict the potential turning point of the financial market. Although the history of the harmonic pattern goes back to the Gartley’s book “Profits in the Stock Market” in 1935, Harmonic Pattern trading became popular in last few decades. In comparison to many contemporary predictive techniques, there are far less literature available to study this technique in several different scientific angles. Most of harmonic pattern trader focuses on the visual aspect of the pattern keeping very small attention on the precision aspect. In this book, we want to introduce the brand new precision concept, Pattern Completion Interval, for harmonic pattern trading. In the first few chapter of this book, we will illustrate the concept and the operating mechanism behind the Pattern Completion Interval. After that, we will focus on how to manage your order and risk with the Pattern Completion Interval. We will illustrate how to apply this precision concept for both market order and pending order setup for your practical trading.