Introduction to Trend Max Econometric Trader

Trend Max Econometric Trader employs the advanced econometric math to identify trend strength and trend direction. The trading principle of TM Econometric Trader is based on mechanical trading. Unlike the typical technical indicators including MACD and RSI are applied with traders’ discretionary decision, the mechanical trading generate its trading signals based on the mechanically tuned parameter sets. It is relatively new style of trading comparing to the discretionary trading. However, more and more traders are adopting the mechanical trading system since they can accurately quantify their profitability with simulation results. TM Econometric Trader is a typical mechanical trading system and its entire trading operation is driven by the key profit metrics provided from its built in backtesting. At the same time, the provided visual signals in your chart from TM Econometric Trader allows you to combine typical trend indicators together to filter out any bad trades. Therefore, the main advantage of TM Econometric trader is that you can combine mechanical trading and discretionary trading together for better results.

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