Introduction to Pure Algo Trading Signal

Manual trading is one approach to grow your investment. Alternatively, it is possible to build a systematic trading system for the hand free trading operation. Pure Algo Trading Signal uses the statistical and data mining algorithm inside to make trading decision. The strength of the Pure Algo Trading Signal is that it works 24/5 days for you. Yet, it is medium frequency trading system making your signal copying much more reliable and easy. The screenshot below shows the backtesting simulation for its growth prospects.

Pure Algo Traing Signal Performance

Trading Style of Pure Algo Trading Signal

  1. Profit Target: This signal aims 50% to 100% over 12 month periods (the compounding profits calculation.)
  2. Strict Risk Management. Safety first.
  3. around 10 – 15 trade each week (This is rough figure only for your information.).
  4. Medium Frequency Trading (less sensitive to your brokers).
  5. Full time Monitoring and Occasional intervention over the trading robots (90% robot trading + 10% manual intervention)
  6. Symbols to trade: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD (You must have these symbols in your Market Watch in your MT4 terminal.)

Signal Live Performance

We are currently uploading our Pure Algo Trading signal performance to MyFxBook. Please click the link below to view the live performance of the Pure Algo Trading Signal.

View the Live Account of Pure Algo Trading Signal on MyFxBook

Additional Information for Signal Subscribers

We recommend this signal if :

  • You have blown up your account many times subscribing fast growing high risk signal before (like grid or martingale or high frequency). You want to stop blowing your account. Note our Pure Algo Trading EA is safe and steady grower. Rather than risk quick or blowing your account scheme.
  • You have the realistic growth expectation on your trading capital.
  • You know that trading and investment involves some risk.

Finally it should be noted that the Pure Algo Trading signal can have some good time and bad time just like anything else in this world. However, it is probably the great idea to leave the entire labour of trading to robot for your own convenience. Especially if you have full time work, then this is even more appealing.

Restriction and Limitation

For the signal service monthly subscription, we only accept the account size less than 50,000 US dollar (or equivalent to 50,000 US dollar in other currency). If you want to subscribe our signal and you have your account size greater than 50,000 US dollar then contact us for the special management of your fund by us.