What is X3 Pattern Framework ?

Pattern trader uses many patterns every day including Gartley Pattern, Elliott Wave Pattern, Shark Pattern, etc but no single book or article provide any scientific evidence for each pattern. When there is no scientific evidence, those presented patterns in the text books are nothing more than just a piece of idea. Especially when you are not able to compare their performance to alternative, they are not ready to serve for your trading. To tackle this limited supporting evidence, we have created X3 Pattern Framework (i.e. first introduced in the book: Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading by Young Ho Seo). The purpose of X3 Pattern Framework was to provide one unified framework for many existing patterns in Financial trading so that we can compare those patterns apple to apple. Especially any patterns made up from triangle self-similarity like Fibonacci patterns, Harmonic Patterns, and Elliott Wave patterns, etc can be expressed more precisely using X3 Pattern Framework. In fact, Scientific Comparison is the most important reason why we have developed X3 Pattern Framework. We believe that we can bring you to the quantum leap in financial trading and investment with our scientific pattern study. Here is the full guide line of X3 Pattern Framework, the profitable pattern language.


What is Optimal X3 Patterns ?

We apply X3 Pattern Framework to each pattern to allow the fair testing and comparison of those patterns under the same condition (i.e. apple to apple). Hence, we can compare pattern to its own variation or to another patterns. Optimal X3 Patterns are the patterns we have selected for their notably better performance in comparison to other patterns or their variation. Do not worry. These good patterns are shipped in our products any way. Hence we provide you the testing results for your information.

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