Simple Introduction to Excessive Momentum Indicator

Excessive Momentum Indicator provides you the ability to trade with excessive momentum. Let us start this simple introduction. Firstly, understand that excessive momentum could possibly point out some anomaly movement or anomaly momentum in the market. To help your understanding, you can consider the insufficient momentum (i.e. exceptionally low volatility market) as the opposite sense against excessive momentum. Excessive momentum indicator provides the direct way of measuring the excessive momentum in your chart.

The indicator will inform you the C and D complete levels (fixed levels for your trading.). At simplest, you can take this level C and Level  D as the potential breakout as in support or resistance. Please this check this screenshot. This is not a rocket science. The simple method every trader can use to profit from the market. Since this is the simple introduction, we will just leave the explain as simple as possible. In more advanced introduction, you will understand the four phase of Excessive Momentum + how to use them for your trading.

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