Why Optimized Harmonic Pattern Strategy can yield better profit

In real world environment, each symbol behaves differently with different dominating Fibonacci ratios. Never assume that one ratio will work in the other symbols. Hence, never assume that working harmonic pattern in one symbol would work for another symbols.

For example, you might make money on one symbol with Gartley pattern but you can lose money in the other symbols with the same Gartley pattern. Hence, you might just make zero money on your hard work. This is why the text book approach does not work well in real world trading.

With Our Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner, you can check the historical performance of each Harmonic and Elliott Wave patterns for any symbols and any timeframe because it is non repainting and non lagging indicator. You can trade with optimum strategy in your live trading. Get the practical performance insight in few weeks with the information other trader can not access.

Using Optimized trading strategy is great way of improving your profit. Check the screenshot. Below is the link to Non Repainting and Non Lagging Harmonic Pattern and Elliott Wave Pattern Indicator.




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