Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner version 8.31 Released – 15 May 2019

So we have been working hard to deliver something amazing in our Optimal Turning Pattern Scanner. We have just released Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner version 8.31. Make sure that you are downloading the latest version.

In the new version, now you can describe any patterns in optimal turning point pattern scanner using X3 pattern language. For example this is the example structure of Gartley pattern.

the 0.618 Gartley pattern variation can have structure like this:

Structure – N: 3, C0: 0.618 to T0: 3

Ideal Ratio –   S0: 1.272, S1: 0.382 -0.886, S2: 0.618

Now consider, you want to have variation of Gartley pattern with ratio 0.782. You can use structure like this:

Structure – N: 3, C0: 0.782 to T0: 3

Ideal Ratio –   S0: 1.272-1.618, S1: 0.382 -0.886

This is only example and you can create any structure of Gartley pattern as you wish. You can make many different variation.

Of course, you can change the structure of other patterns according to your preferences.

See the screenshot for your visual accomplishment. You can tell that two variation of Gartley pattern will give sufficiently different shape in chart. Of course, their success rate differ per timeframe and per symbol. The logic is that you choose whatever structure the best you want to trade with.

In summary, Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner is non lagging, non repainting and fully customizable pattern scanner. Enjoy this powerful scientific advancement for your successful trading.

You are now seeing the power of X3 pattern framework in real world application.

One important note, we have been researching on Price Action and Pattern Trading last 10 years. If you create some extra ordinary patterns using our optimal turning point pattern scanner or X3 pattern framework, please use prefix of X3 in front of your pattern.

For example, X3 Gartley or X3 butterfly, etc.

Here is the full instruction of X3 pattern framework:


Here is the link to Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner.




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