Make Reviews and Get Our Products Free

We are really enjoying growing our business together with our customer. Hence, we decided to provide you the opportunity to use our paid products free. Please read the instruction carefully for you to claim our MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 products free. We only provide this special offer for the good gesture to our customers. Hence, we also expect you to treat this offer with respect too. If you use this promotion wisely, then you can get up to 30% paid back on your purchase with us.

Where do you Make Reviews to Get our Paid Products for Free?

Here are five places you can make review to claim our paid products free.

For our MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Product page on

For our Book: Profitable Patterns in Forex and Stock Market on

For our Book: Guide to Precision Harmonic Pattern Trading on amazon website

For our Book: Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading on amazon website

or If you are customers of our website, then make a review on the product first and copy and paste the same review on the trust pilot website below

How to Claim Paid Products Free?

For one review you make, you can claim up to 30% of the product price for MetaTrader products and you can claim up to 200% for the product price for EBooks. Say you have made four reviews and the purchase price of the four MetaTrader products was 300 dollar. Just show us the evidence of screenshot and website link to the review. Then tell us which product you want to have within 90 dollar (=30% of 300 dollar).

In case, you bought our eBooks. Say that you have bought all three eBooks for 38 dollar. Then you can claim up to 76 dollar on our MetaTrader products after you made nice reviews on our books. Just claim your Special Free Offers on “”, then we will send you the coupon so that you can download desired products from our website, In one claim, you can choose up to two products for your reviews if one product does not fit on the price. However, two products are the maximum in one claim. The products you can choose are from here:

When can I claim this Free Offer after Making the Review?

To claim the paid products free, you need to inform us by emailing on “” within two weeks from the time the review appears in the above website. Two weeks is more than sufficient time to communicate with us. Hence, it is your own responsibility not to miss the dead line within 2 weeks. After two weeks, we can not provide the free offer on your claim.

Can I claim again after my last Claim?

Yes, you can claim our paid products free again. However, you can not use the product received from this offer to receive another paid products free. Remember that you can only claim this offer on paid products, which you have really made payment.

From and Until when this Offer Last?

This offer started from 22 Feb 2020. This offer will last until end of March 2020. So anyone purchased our products in this period are eligible to receive this offer.

What Reviews are not included in this Offer?

The reviews on the free products are not counted for this offer. Hence, you must make a review on the paid products only on the above websites. For the valid review, do not just leave the stars only but you need to write something to justify your review too.

Can I combine this free offer and my own cash to buy other products?

Unfortunately, we do not support combining this free offer and your own cash to buy products. Since we count your review date, if you plan carefully, you should be able know how to save massive 30% on our products.

How do you calculate the savings on my old products?

We take the latest price. Hence, if you have bought our products many years ago, then make sure that you understand the applied price is the latest price and not the old price you taken our products. Please understand that we do not make the track record of our old price. Hence, using the latest price is the only solution to make this offer to work. But you get at least something for free. Isn’t this good for you? Please do not complain using the latest price.

Can I receive the free product from

No, is the separate company from We can not distribute their products for free. We only provide the products from our website.

Summary of Terms and Conditions on the “Make Reviews and Get Our Products Free” Offer

1. Please use valid account when you make the product review for our products. Never use fake, stolen, or invalid account to make review.
2. In any case, if your review is removed or changed by the website or by yourself after the claim, then you will never be able to claim again for the “Make Reviews and Get Our Products for Free” Offer
3. You should claim our paid products free within two weeks from the time your reviews appear in the stated website.
4. Make sure that your email and address the above websites are identical to your account in our website.
5. We only provide the paid products through
6. We do not provide you cash or cheque in any case. You can only claim it among our paid MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 products.
7. We do not provide you cash or cheque for the difference between your allowance and the products price on your choice.
8. In one claim, you can request up to two products. Two products are the maximum.
9. You can only claim this offer on paid products. Hence, making the review on unpaid products does not count including the product you got from this free offer.
10. We only count one review per one product. You can not combine this offer with your own money to buy other more expensive products.

Further Questions on this offer

If you have other questions regards to this Special Offer, then just contact us on “”