Coding Lessons for C and C++

My name is Young. I have 10 years of Professional experience in coding and building algorithm for day trader and investors using C/C++/Csharp/VBA/MQL4/MQL5/MatLab. I am known as the Finance Engineer in the trading and investment community. I am currently offering a structured private tutoring for people wanting to learn how to code. You have an opportunity to learn the coding from the current developer. That is the main advantage.  If you are interested in my private tutoring, here is the brief course structure.


Private Tutoring Structure

The course is designed for practical application. Below bulletpoints are not limited for the couture structure but we have generated this list to give you some ideas on what we teach you in our classes. The core objective in our coding classes is to cover the all the essential elements for the practical coding with C and C++ language. I will try to use plain English to help even starter to accelearte your learning curve. Depending on your time commitment, this list might be covered all or covered partly only. Please discuss with us how long you can commit for this course before joining our coding classes.

  • Introduction to Coding with C and C++ (Variables, Operators, Statements and loops)
  • Static and Dynamic Array with touch of pointers, references and memory management
  • Function, Function Overloading, Operator overloading
  • Objected Oriented Programming with classes and virtual classes
  • Stream Input/Output incluidng Data Stream and File Stream
  • Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Abstraction
  • Template, Vector, Matrix with and without touch of STL
  • Technical Analysis (technical indicator basis)
  • Problem Solving with Genetic Algorithm
  • Artificial Intelligence Basics
  • Error and Bug hunting technqiues for good coding practice (Most important practical part in this coding lessons)


Here is my brief CV

I have designed Forecasting Software for Principle of Business Forecasting (Professor Keith Ord, Professor Robert Fildes). This is the forecasting algorithm book designed for business analyst, big data analyst and economist.

Link to the book:

I am the main developer at On this website, all the day trading and investment tools (over 50 + applications) are designed by myself. Of course, I am the copyright holder of all the software created by myself. We have over 10,000 visitors each month through our website.

Link to the website:

I have wrote my own book for financial trading and investment. Many day trader and investor in the world uses the trading recopies I have outlined in this book successfully for their trading each day.

  • Financial Trading with Five Regularities of Nature: Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading
  • Guide to Precision Harmonic Pattern Trading: New Approach to Apply the Patterns for the financial Trading

Link to the Book 1:

Link to the Book 2:

Who can take this private tutoring?

Anyone can join our course if you believe that our coding course can improve your life so much. I am sure you will.


Contact me

Since I am the current developer at:, you can simply contact me at:

When you contact me, you will need to ask few questions related course.

  1. Course fee
  2. Time schedule

Also please share what is your level of coding experience in your first email.