Dear Our Valued Customers

All of your purchased Products are managed by Trading Investment Helper. With Trading Investment Helper, you can

  • install your products
  • download your products
  • read your ebooks
  • access to free trials for some of our products

Please download our Trading Investment Helper to start using our products. Full instruction can be found from the link below:


To install our MetaTrader Products, just follow these simple instructions.

1. Close all the running MetaTrader terminals in your computer.
2. Enter your Order ID, Email and PIN number in the automatic installer.
3. Click “Start” button.
4. Choose the product you want to install from Your Product page (Use your mouse to select the product you want to install from the list)
5. Click “Install” button.
6. Click “Download Product” button.
7. Open MetaTrader and use our products (make sure that you have allowed dll imports for expert advisor setting).


Here is the full product installation guide:

If you have any question regards to the product installation, just contact us on: