About Us

Algo Trading & Investment is an Innovative Financial Technology Company working under the notion of Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading. We have been working with Stock and Forex market as well as Options and Futures since 2008. We found that these financial market data reflects the crowd behaviour in many interesting forms as in patterns, waves, trends and momentums. We discover new knowledge and trading ideas from these financial market data and we are passionate to incorporate them in your trading and investment strategy. We have been delivering the front end trading and investment solutions to relieve of long and costly homemade R&D for trading and investment communities.

Our Products and Services

Our tools are shipped to the most popular Forex Trading platform, MetaTrader in the world. We provides the dedicated indicators and pattern scanner for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. At the same time, we provide the standard alone Charting and Analytical platform exclusively developed, the Optimum Chart. With Optimum Chart, trader can access to the automated signal generators and automated pattern scanners at just one button click. We have also published four educational books in Forex and Stock market trading. You can also access some of the chapters and educational materials from our trading education page.

Our Customers

We are an Global Company working with customers from more than 50 different countries. We believe that our dedication to understanding our clients and listening to what they need is what sets us outstanding from the competition. Regardless of where you are from, we are ready to achieve and share the amazing outcome with you. The following is a list, albeit not exhaustive, of the types of customers who would stand to benefits most from our products and services:

  • Private traders and investors
  • Hedge fund managers
  • High net worth people and high earners looking to grow their capital
  • People looking for alternative investment option for their savings
  • Newbie and starters in stock and forex trading looking for the professional tools and solutions