About Us

Algo Trading & Investment is an Innovative Financial Technology Company working under the notion of Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading. We have been working with Stock and Forex market as well as Options and Futures since 2008. We found that these financial market data reflects the crowd behaviour in many interesting forms as in patterns, waves, trends and momentums. We discover new knowledge and trading ideas from these financial market data and we are passionate to incorporate them in your trading and investment strategy. We have been delivering the front end trading and investment solutions to relieve of long and costly homemade R&D for trading and investment communities. Overall, “” acts as your Trading Technology Department. Our main focuses include:

  • Automated trading and investment solution development
  • Statistical feature extraction and knowledge discovery from financial market data
  • Advanced Technical Analysis solution development
  • Medium and high frequency trading strategy development
  • Trading Account Management, Network, Database solution for business needs
  • Training and education for trading, investment and risk management

Our Vision

At the global scope, trading and investment helps to bring investors to share their opinion about global economic condition. Therefore, righteous trading & investment operation is necessary to maintain the healthy economic growth. At the micro scope, trading and investment are the important operations to achieve financial goals for both individuals and organizations. Every traders and investors are there to make better trading decision for their capital at the time of trading. Since the ongoing evolution in the way the financial community is trading, the complexity of the market has grown ever with overflowing data. With these overwhelming number of dynamic market factors, decision making for traders and investors are ever so frustrating. Luckily the recent financial technologies like black box trading, algorithmic trading, data mining, pattern detection techniques can be great resource for traders. Our vision at Algo Trading & Investment is to provide cutting edge trading and investment solution well articulating the latest financial technology and well capable of capturing the market inefficiency accompanying high return with low risk. In the near future, we want to become one of the top choices for investors and traders in the global financial markets.

Our Services and Products

Innovation is at the centre of what we do. We consistently evolve, change and innovate. With a decade of cumulative research experience, we provide the fine piece of engineered products built in with sophisticated algorithms, advanced mathematics and proprietary mathematical models to help traders and investors for their profits seeking in financial markets. With continuous research to reveal the driving force in the market, we were fortunate enough to learn how to build the tools and solutions that:

  • Can monitor the market more efficiently
  • Can help you to automate your trading operation
  • Can help you to analyze the market better by capturing trends and reversal points
  • Can help you to execute your order faster with low latency.

For your safer and clearer decision making, we offer both reliable trend detection algorithm and turning point detection algorithm. We also have extensive experience in developing Elliott wave based trading strategies like Harmonic Pattern trading and Price Breakout Pattern trading. We also possess few innovative products detecting sideways movement in the financial markets. At the core of our development work, we extensively uses statistical methods, time series forecasting and artificial intelligence. At the same time, we are always welcome to work with our clients if they need bespoke trading and investment tool development. If you do, please don’t forget to contact us using our service page.

Our Customers

We are an Global Company working with customers from more than 50 different countries. We believe that our dedication to understanding our clients and listening to what they need is what sets us outstanding from the competition. Regardless of where you are from, we are ready to achieve and share the amazing outcome with you. The following is a list, albeit not exhaustive, of the types of customers who would stand to benefits most from our products and services:

  • Private traders and investors
  • Hedge Fund managers
  • High net worth people and high earners looking to grow their capital
  • People looking for alternative investment option for their savings
  • Newbie and starters in stock and forex trading looking for professional tools and solutions