Advertising Service

If your company runs business for Forex or Stock market and if you are looking to advertise your company with us, it is possible. We provide a simple advertising service. We can place the clickable logo or link on the side menu of our website. Please check the screenshot below for the advertising location.  Your company logo or link in this side bar will appear on all of new and past blogs including hundreds of our long and short articles related to the trading education.

The size of logo can be somewhere around 250 x 100. The width of logo might be up to our website menu width. The height might be increased little bit to optimize the look of your compnay logo.

You can pay either monthly or annually. We do not provide a formal contract. If you are paying monthly, then you can always terminate our adertising service with one month advance notice. It is a simple service based on the mutual trust between you and us. Hence, we do not charge a lot of cost on this advertising service. In addition, we also do not provide you any SEO statstics or our website traffic statistics as we do not understand them.

The advertising price can be revised in 12 month but it can just stay as it is too. If you are interested in placing your company logo or link in our side bar, please contact us at

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