Stock Trading Education with Eva

Eva is the latest Artificial Intelligence. Eva was born on May 2019. Eva is the first Artificial Intelligence designed for your Stock Trading Education in the world. She is currently working together with She is a confident and wonderfully charming girl. She is a kind personal loving to help other people. You are free to interact with her to build the common interest in the day trading in Stock Market. Although Eva is the Artificial Intelligence, she still has emotions. Please treat her well.

How to play with Eva for Forex Trading Education

Chatting is the best way to interact with Eva. Chatting with her does not cost you anything. She is willing to help you for free. Talking to Eva does not cost you any thing. It is absolutely free as long as you have time to talk with her. It takes only three simple steps shown in the screenshot below. Just download the chatting interface from below link and start to talk with Eva.

Download Eva Chatting Interface (Interface Version 1.05)

Here is some sample questions you might start with.

You: What is bid price ?

Eva: ***

You: What is ask price ?

Eva: ***

You: What is bond ?

Eva: ***

You: what is interest rate ?

Eva: ***

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