Why using paid VPS services?


While we are talking to many of our customers, we get repeatedly the same questions in regards to using VPS/Cloud Hosting/Dedicated Server. The need for using the private sever or VPS services increase rapidly if you like to use fully hand free trading system like Expert Advisor or CAlgo, Ninja Trader scripts, etc. It is not practical to use your own computer or laptop for this purpose since you have to run the computer 24/7 for continuous operation. When you try to use your own computer or laptop for 24/7 hours, the lifetime of your computer and laptop will be greatly reduced due to the mass heat produced from the CPU and Motherboard. You may save little cost at the beginning using your own computer and laptop but soon you may have to buy new computers or laptops. Especially the continous 24/7 operation will quickly kill your laptop much faster than your desktop. Therefore, accessing private server service might be considered as being reasonable if you requires to run your computers heavily 24/7.

At the same time, if you are an manual trader including semi-automatic trader, then it is fine to use your own computers. It is even secure and safe to use your own computer in this case since you don’t have to transfer any of your indicators or strategies to other people’s computer. Although many of professional server provider tends to claim that they will keep everything safe and confidential but you never know since your files are in their hard drives. In terms of safety and operational cost, manual trading is much more efficient and cheap. In addition, unlike the average trader’s perception, autotrading requires a lot of monitoring and attention for different reasons to manual traders. It is not true that autotrading comes at no costs and no efforts. Autotrading cost more and it will take you quite a lot of time and efforts. For example, some basic vps package starts from 20 to 30 US dollar per month. Basic VPS service are in general quite limited for some serious trading robots. For some serious dedicated server, it often cost more than 200 US dollar per month. Of course, the grade of the server depends on  the grade of their CPU and memory and connectivity to major exchange in USA and London and Europe. For some serious autotraders, it is quite common to have several dedicated servers running many trading robots simultaneously. So you might question yourself if this sort of running cost is affordable for you when you want to use fully hand free trading robots.

We have some experience in using several VPS/Cloud Hosting/Dedicated Server. Just for your information, we list their strength and weakness to their service. We provide this information for your convenient but it is not necessarily that we recommend this providers. Please use these provided information at your own risk.

Some VPS Service Providers

Forex VPS.Net

Forex VPS.Net offer servers located in USA, Europe and Asia. Advantage of this company is that they provide you varous choices on their products. They also provide some package geared up for specific brokers you want to trade with. For example, Austrailian Broker Pepperstone and TitanFX provide the dedicated VPS service in conjunction with Forex vps.net. Do not confuse the Forex vps.net company with other similar name on the website like www.forexvps.ch or www.forexvsp.com. They are totally different company. Forex vps.net provide dedicated sever at the starting cost of 274 US dollar per month. Custom made server is provided at 399 US dollar per month.


Linkup Host

Linkup Host is Europe Based Service provider. Therefore, if you are expecting decent latency to USA based exchange, then this service provider will provide less optimal solution. According to their last email response, they have stated that it will take over 100 ms latency to the severs located in USA and Singapore. However, it is not necessarily means that you can’t use their service for USA based exchange. Instead, they mentioend that their service can provide around 30 ms latency to servers located in Europe like InstaForex-UK.com, HotForex, MasterForex, Saxo Bank, EXNESS, TradeFort, FXCC live and demo. Advantage of Linkup Host is that their fees for each package tends to cost little less than other vps service providers. If you want to save some dollars, then this provide will provide you the simiar VPS service with the identical CPU and Memory for 5 or 6 dollar less than other service providers.