Join our Joint Venture for High Return on Your Investment


If you are looking for joint venture opportunity, we have the advanced and brand new technology for next generation financial trading and investment. Building up the cumulative knowledge and technology, has been an excellent tool maker and reseacher for financial trading and investment last 10 years. Young Ho Seo, the lead Quantitative Developer, possesses distinctive ideas towards trading and investment technology from his academic and software engineering experience. Through our ability for formulating the complex financial trading and investment problem into the efficient cause and effect models, our tools and trading system helped thousands of professional traders and investors in globe to improve their profitability. The technology we have built in the past include:

  • Brand new technical analysis tools and indicators for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform.
  • Excel VBA application for automated trading and analytical solution.
  • Analytical and Trading platform development for professional forex traders with language of C/C++/Csharp.
  • Direct Signal providing platform and account copying system for trading.
  • Direct FIX (Financial Information Exchange) connection interface for traders.
  • Database and remote network construction for small to medium enterprize.
  • Profitable pattern mining in the financial market

If you are looking for joint venture opportunity, we can offer you high return for your investment through our technology and estabilished business model. Please contact us at: to talk further about the potential joint venture opportunity with us.