Harmonic Pattern Signal for Forex Market

We provide the Free and Paid Harmonic Pattern Signal for Forex Market. This short article will provide the some guide on how to use these Harmonic Pattern Signals for your winning trading. First of all, anyone can access the free Harmonic Pattern Signal from the link below.

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In the trading signal page above, you will find a signal table with columns. Each column contains the information that you can construct the trading signal in your Chart.

  • Column 1: Symbol Name
  • Column 2: Full Symbol Name
  • Column 3: Timeframe of chart
  • Column 4: Harmonic Pattern Name
  • Column 5: Trading Direction showed by the Pattern
  • Column 6: Pattern Size measured in number of candle bars. It was counted from Point X to Point D
  • Column 7:  Pattern Age is the count of candle bars to Point D from the latest candle in your chart
  • Column 8: Price at Point D, which is the last point in the Harmonic Pattern Structure of XABCD
  • Column 9: Date at Point D, which is the last point in the Harmonic Pattern Structure of XABCD
  • Column 10: Status indicates if the pattern is completed or is not completed yet.

To use this trading signal, you need to mark up the location of the Harmonic Pattern in your chart. You can do this in any trading platform including MetaTrader, Trading View, Ninja Trader and so on. Follow the two steps below:

  1. Open the Chart with the same timeframe shown in the table
  2. Mark up the pattern location using Price at Point D and Date at Point D

That is it. Once you marked up the location of the Harmonic Pattern, you will find the pattern age automatically. When you do not have an access to any charting platform, then use Pattern Age and Pattern Size instead. The pattern with 1 Bar Age is newer pattern than the pattern with 2 Bar Age. To help you with the marking up, we have attached the Screenshot on the bottom. In the screenshot, we used the AB=CD pattern at EURCHF H1 timeframe as an example.

If the pattern age is big like 30 or 50, then it is aged pattern. If the pattern age is small like 1 or 2, then it is a fresh new pattern. While you are using these free trading signals, you need picking up the pattern with the right pattern age for the successful trading. Therefore, to confirm your final trading decision, you might add some other secondary confirmation with our Harmonic Pattern Signals. Depending on your level of trading experience, you can utilize various secondary confirmation from simple oscillator like RSI or CCI to advanced one like Elliott Wave Theory or Pairs Trading.

For your information, when the pattern status is shown as incomplete, the Price at Point D can move sometimes. This is known as the repainting among the trading community. However, if the pattern status is shown as completed, then the Price at Point D is fixed and they will no longer change.

If you want to understand the Harmonic Pattern Trading in details, you can visit our Trading Education page below. There are many good articles helping you to improve your trading performance.


If you want to access more rich information for your trading signal, then you can also buy the Harmonic Pattern Plus or X3 Chart Pattern Scanner available in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. In Harmonic Pattern Plus, you can access many additional features on top of the harmonic pattern trading signals. For example, you can also access Advanced Channel and around 52 Japanese candlestick pattern. It will also draw the Pattern Completion Interval automatically in your chart helping you to set your stop loss and take profit targets. It is a repainting indicator but it comes at the affordable price.

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If you need more advanced one than Harmonic Pattern Plus, then you can use our X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the non repainting and non lagging Harmonic Pattern and Elliott Wave Pattern Scanner with multiple of advanced features. You can even customize the patterns you want to detect by changing their pattern structure.

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