Optimum Chart

Optimum Chart is an Advanced Buy and Sell Signal generator for Forex and Stock Market. Optimum Chart provide extremely simple and intuitive user interface. You can start to use it without too much time devoted for learning all the GUIs. Here are the main features of Optimum Chart for your trading.

  1. No Complex installation is required
  2. No third party platform is required
  3. Use it straight after your purchase
  4. No complex coding or building scripts are required (all button clicks only)

We are the most dedicated developer on the topic of Profitable Patterns including Fibonacci Price Patterns, Harmonic  Patterns, Elliott Wave Pattern and X3 Patterns in the world. You will get the most advanced trading setup with our profitable system with Optimum Chart. You can even cross reference between Profitable Patterns and the advanced correlation analysis. You will see why Optimum Chart provide the unmatched trading performance comparing to others.

  1. Advanced Harmonic Pattern scanner
  2. Advanced Elliott Wave, Harmonic Pattern and X3 Pattern Indicator (Non Repainting and Non Lagging)
  3. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner
  4. Advanced Correlation Analysis tools
  5. Advanced Support and Resistance indicator (Non Repainting and Non Lagging)
  6. Advanced Pairs Trading Analysis with Cointegration
  7. Plus many other advanced trading gadget geared up for your winning trading

Optimum Chart Manuals are available from below links:

Trading principle and strategy in Optimum Chart is based on these two books:

Profitable Patterns in Forex and Stock Market: Essential Trading Guide in 12 hours

“Guide to Precision Harmonic Pattern Trading: Mastering Turning Point Strategy for Financial Trading”

Reading these two books are not compulsory although they can help more for your trading. More importantly, we will send you the trading recipe privately when you purchase any of our Optimum Chart license. You and our team will work together as one to help you to achieve real profits in your trading.

How to get Optimum Chart with Forex Market Data Feed

Below is the link to buy Optimum Chart License for Forex Market Data Feed.

When you feel like you need more information about Optimum Chart, it is just best to try our two weeks license option.

How to get Optimum Chart with US Stock Market Data Feed

Below is the link to buy Optimum Chart License for US Stock Market Data Feed. Optimum Chart currently provides over 500 US stocks symbols inside S&P 500.

When you feel like you need more information about Optimum Chart, it is just best to try our two weeks license option.

What happens after purchasing Optimum Chart

Our secret trading recipe will not be available on public.  Hence, we will send you the trading recipe to your email when you purchase our Optimum Chart specifically for you. The trading recipe will help you to apply Optimum Chart on Live trading. Make sure to use the correct email address to receive the trading recipe when you buy Optimum Chart ( We found that one in 50 customers put wrong email address. Do not do that for your own benefits.).

Who can use our Optimum Chart

Optimum Chart is recommended for all level of trader. Mostly, if you prefer simple and easy trading signal generation, then we recommend to use our Optimum Chart rather than anything complicated out there. Learning time is extremely shorter than other charting platforms.

Important Note about Optimum Chart

Please note that Optimum Chart is a standalone charting and signal platform (i.e. runs on Window without needing anything else). Optimum Chart is not MetaTrader Product. Hence, what is included in Optimum Chart is not necessarily included in our MetaTrader Products. Optimum Chart and our MetaTrader products are running on totally separate terms and conditions as well as different pricing scheme.

If you are MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) users, please use our MetaTrader product pages to purchase products.

Link to MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) Product Page: https://algotrading-investment.com/our-products-list/

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