What is the Loyalty Reward Point

Our Loyalty Reward System is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to our loyal customers. These loyalty reward point system is equivalent to cash. You can use our loyalty reward point to purchase our products on our website. There are several ways of getting our loyalty rewards points. Here are the list:

  • You will get 20 points when you register our website. Please use correct personal information for registration.
  • You can get up to 1000 points (100 US dollar worth) when you submit manuals or video clips about our products or trading strategy or translating our manuals to another language. We recommend you to participate in creating manuals or video for fun. We are not asking you to produce world class article but anything you believe useful for other traders and investors is fine. Note that there are a lot of people looking for extremely simple stuffs in their life. Therefore your simple manuals have high value for those people.

Mainly you will accumulate your loyalty reward points by producing some manuals or video materials for our website. For detailed instruction on how to produce manuals for video clips, please check our authorship page on Education section.

When you have sufficient points, you can use your points to buy our products. 10 points is equivalent to 1 US dollar. Therefore, 1000 points is worth for 100 US dollar. You can only use these points to buy our products and we don’t offer you any cash for your points.

How to use our Loyalty Reward Point to get discounts

You can further use this reward points to get discounts on any of our products. To do this, you can simply enter amount of reward points you want to redeem from the purchasing price of the products. For example, if you enter 1000 points for redeem, then you can get 100 US dollar discounts on the purchasing price of the product. Below screenshots show the simple steps how to apply your rewards point. (Important note: redeem your rewards point in your checkout page as shown in the screenshots below. Do not redeem the rewards points before proceeding to check out.)