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One to One Day Trading Course Overview

We provide a Day Trading Course to raise the Top Trader, the Hybrid capable to use both advanced technology and formidable trading philosophy for profiting. Through decades of research, we found that there is an intersection between advanced technology and formidable trading philosophy. This thin intersection, or small gap of knowledge not disclosed to public,  explain why many profitable trading strategies works for you and many loses. Such a knowledge and technology can be used to reproduce the profitability and to design your profitability for trading. In our training course, we are not only sharing with you the profitable trading practice but also we can set your profit goal precisely according to your personal circumstance. In our training course, we will show you how you can maximize your potential profit but in achievable manner as a day trader. A well trained day trader can trade much safer than even property investor or the fund management company. Even if you are investing on property or real estate, you still have a chance to lose 10 to 70% of the property value when the economic condition goes bad or when other natural disaster broke-out around the property location. It is the same for the public fund too. In our training, we will teach the lesson how you can beat fund managers and other alternative investment. We welcome both the part time and full time trader as long as you have a time to attend our practical training course. In your first contact, tell us how you plan to escape from those 90% people who loses money in the financial market.

Who need Our One to One Day Trading Course?

Throughout our training, we have communicated with many traders who have traded longer than 3 years. Amazingly, many of them were still far from being disciplined for their trading. In this case, you are likely influenced by some common trader’s Fallacy and Bias to ruin your trading. If you are experiencing nervous and anxious during your trading, this indicates that you are not ready for live trading yet. There is something important you are missing out from your discipline. That is why your intuition or your subconscious tells you that you have to worry about your position. In this case, we do recommend to join our One to One Training Course. If you are not anxious or nervous, but profitability does not follow you, then this is another case we recommend to join our One to One Training Course.

One to One Day Trading Course with Price Action and Pattern Strategies

Our course is heavily related to Price Action and Pattern Trading, the right way of capturing profits in the financial market. Price Action and Pattern Trading is easy and scientific. Price Action and Pattern Trading does not leave you any vague or grey area for your trading. We will cover you every aspect of your trading with clear manual and instructions. This Practical Training Course is for people looking to build serious discipline for their trading career. Even if you have the full time job, you can still join our training course. The course will emphasize more on practical part. In our training, we will heavily focus on passing on hand on experience using the trading strategies and the trading software:

  1. Introduction to chart analysis and technical Analysis
  2. Supply Demand Analysis and Trading
  3. Support, resistance, triangle, rising wedge, falling wedge and channel patterns
  4. Fibonacci analysis and trading
  5. Harmonic pattern and X3 chart pattern trading
  6. Elliott wave theory and Elliott wave pattern
  7. Value investing, fundamental analysis and pairs trading (featured with correlation and cointegration)
  8. Turning point probability and trend probability as the advanced technical analysis (i.e. usage of Fractal Pattern Scanner)
  9. Fractal cycle analysis for advanced market timing
  10. Risk and portfolio management
  11. and so on

Note that you can apply this course to forex, stock, future, commodity and bitcoin trading too. We will share the great deal of insights from our financial research we started since 2008 over 1000 different market data including International Stock, Forex and Futures Market.

Intensive 4 Weeks One to One Day Trading Course Schedule

Below is the time and process involved in your training. You need three days to attend for this course each week. Time can be discussed and fixed before start of the course. We can adapt both weekend and weekday schedule for busy working professional. We will send you detailed time table before starting your course.

  • Training is based on “1 to 1 coaching” with the dedicated tutor.
  • Total Duration: 4 weeks intensive course.
  • Teaching + Practicals:  3 classes per week for 4 weeks.

Course Requirement

For this online training course, we will need several online communication apps. Firstly make sure that you have Skype or other meeting software installed in your computer. Also you will need team viewer or similar remote connection software for visual demonstration of our tools and trading strategy. Note that this course will make heavy use on our Optimum Chart.


Forex Day Trading Course Fee for 4 weeks intensive training – Teaching + Practical with Software

  • 2000 US dollar of one time course fee.
  • This course fee covers  1 year Forex license of Optimum Chart + other teaching and education materials
  • There is no other hidden cost rather than the specified course fee.
  • Before and after training, you will also get a lot of supports from our tutor.

Stock Day Trading Course Fee for 4 Weeks intensive training – Teaching + Practicals without Software

  • 2800 US dollar of one time course fee.
  • This course fee covers 1 year US Stock License of Optimum Chart + other teaching and education materials
  • There is no other hidden cost rather than the specified course fee.
  • Before and after training, you will also get a lot of supports from our tutor.

Who Joined our Trading Course in the past?

Since many of our students (i.e. traders) prefer to not fully share their identify on internet but here are some but limited list of our students (i.e. traders) who took our 4 weeks 1 to 1 training course recently. We show this list with the courtesy of our students. If you are previous or current students and if you do not like to be listed here, please just tell us anytime. Also for your information, this list is not exhausted one at all.

Friendly Name Full Time Job Trading Mode Profitability Country
Paul Business Analyst Part Time Trader Beginner UK
Sam Medical Doctor Part Time Trader Intermediate UK
Mark Mechanics Part Time Trader Intermediate UK
Mike Professional in Finance Part Time Trader Intermediate USA
Steve Accountant Part Time Trader Intermediate USA
Mike Professional Forex Trader Full Time Trader Advanced USA
Pranab Accountant Part Time Trader Intermediate India
Roberto Professional Forex Trader Full Time Trader Advanced Brazil
Juan IT Professional Part Time Trader Beginner USA


Professional Forex Trader Full Time Trader Advanced South Africa
Siya Operation Analyst Part Time Trader Intermediate United Arab Emirates
Okun Accountant Full Time Trader Advanced United Arab Emirates

and many mores not listed here.

How to join  Our Day Trading Course

To join our training course, please download the registration request form by clicking button below or visit our Document Page to view the form. Once you completed this registration request form, scan the form and send us the scanned form to “admin@algotrading-investment.com“. Even if you have specified the teaching and mentoring time in your registration request form, you can still change them later as long as you are informing us in well advance.

Our Past Students

I am very new to trading. So finding right tutor for my trading was quite challenging task due to so many choices on both online and offline. What matters most for me is that minimal learning time. I really need to get going with trading due to my personal circumstance. So I don’t need the frustration of several years of self learning and of realizing that I am still out of nowhere after several years because I have seen many cases that trading does a lot of  negative things than the positive thing to many of my friends. So I really thought that I need some professional to offer me some solid training where I can get everything in place right after. I come across “algotrading-investment.com” website almost accidently from my google search and I found that they offer very practical training course. So I took sometime doing some research. My final decision to go with ATI was made because their promise include practicality in their course and also they promise that  their training is not like other training on the net vaguely touching some general stuffs like teaching how to use MACD stuffs. After taking the course, all I can say is that the training course was wonderful and real eye opener for me. What is more important is that I have a confidence to start my live trading because I can control my risk from the Risk Management class which taught something much more serious lesson than just using stop loss. Thanks to the dedicated tutor for sharing a lot of trading secret. I really appreciate the openness shown during my training sharing a lot of valuable working strategy.

I have 5 digit savings in my bank. It is not big money to some people but to me this is quite serious money from my work. It was not difficult to realize that keeping them in the bank isn’t the best option. So I decide to trade in Forex market. I want to grow them fast but I don’t want to lose my savings. The thing was that I knew that there are a lot of 99 US dollar video tutorials all over the net but I personally do not believe that they will really work for me. Not because I don’t trust them but because they seems teaching too general stuffs which you can read online in your time.  So I was looking for something more serious stuffs  than this for my serious capital. I want to experience the real sense of trading in the shortest possible time. Then I come across that ATI provide some practical training course with the dedicated tutor in 1 to 1 coaching. I like the idea of 1 to 1 coaching as a starter because this means that the trainer can dedicate 100% his ability for my training. I can say that this is very serous training course where the essence of trading practice are well articulating to meet the needs for the practical trading.  If someone ask me about my experience with the training, I will not hesitate to recommend this training to others. One additional thing I am quite glad is that essential statistics class for trading has gone quite smoothly for non math guy like me.

As I knew the developer from ATI personally through my network, in fact I did not hesitate to join the training course. The training course touched quite high level of topics and advanced contents used by both institutional and private traders. I believe that such a advanced topics will not easily discussed in anywhere in the online forum. After all, I really appreciate that my tutor breakdown the advanced topics to digestible size for me. Now I can trade both trending and ranging market. I can use all the necessary tools to conduct the right decision making. Before to me, trend was just simply a trend. However, from the training I have learnt that there is trend we should just let it go. At the same time, there is a trend we must not miss as we will win with higher success rate. With this course, I have achieved all this practical knowledge. If you need to be ready with your live trading to run serous capital, I really recommend this training for you. I have many friends who google around new trading knowledge everyday and watching video from trading academy several years. But in live trading, they don’t have a lot of success. I am already ahead of my friends even through I have started later than them.

Friend of mine heavily uses the trading tools and indicators from algotrading-investment.com. So he recommended me that the same tools and indicators for my trading. This is how I got to know algotrading-investment.com first time. Later I found that ATI offers very practical training to starters in forex market. So I joined the course as I had the impression that ATI always carry the higher responsibility for products and services they offer through their website. The training course did a lot of things to breakout my misconception about how profitable trading strategy works. Well trading is all matter of reproducibility, right? All I can say is that I can always avoid thin chance now from my trading. For starters, this is already pretty good and I don’t have to ruin my account. Besides that, I am also glad that all the  powerful price action and pattern trading strategies have been taught well and practical application was thoroughly offered from dedicated tutor. Overall I highly recommend this training course to starters and junior traders before you got lost with your forex trading.

Frequently Asked Question about our ATI Training Course

Thanks for asking a good question about our training course. We have been exposed various training course with the London based prop trading firms and with dedicated educational centre for graduate traders. Those course are very general and often too general. With those course, starters and junior traders will touch some basics of trading. However, those course will leaves a lot of practical part to trainee, themselves. Those course is not cheap either. Our course is more practical. We will help starters and junior traders to touch the principle behind the trading. But our main focus is to raise profitable traders, not laying back and asking trainee to pass some paper test, etc. More specifically we want to pass the profitable trading strategy to our trainee. At the same time, we have the most advanced knowledge in applying price action and patterns in the financial market. You can simply go though some of our books published. You will find many fresh and powerful knowledge no one ever disclosed before. Yes, we have even more knowledge not written on the book and articles. You will meet those practical knowledge during this training course.

It is our job to work with various traders everyday. One observation we made is that 90% retail traders are lack of discipline but too much ambition. This means that 90% retail traders are losing money. I will give you one very good example what I mean by this. We have meet a young trader who spend 4 years in trading in forex market. He introduce himself that he is only 23 years old and he had lost a lot of money following some video tutorials on YouTube which was profitable for sometime, then blew his account. Also he blew his account couple of more times with some EAs on the net costing him couple of 1000 US dollar. Also his view about derivative market was quite wrong in a way that he might just read some random article written by some random guy on the net. Because you have learnt how to use couple of moving average and MACD tricks, you will not touch the derivatives. To touch the derivative, you need to understand the implied volatility and few Greeks too. You also need right reason why you need to touch the derivatives where the payoff matrix is quite different from its underlying assets.

What we can say is that, once you picked up the bad habit it is not easy to get rid of them. Imagine that if he had a good training for 1 or 2 month before he started his trading. If so,  he did not have to waste his 4 years in his trading career. This is why the right training is so important to traders. With some right guideline at the beginning of his trading, he could have become an established trader now or he could have been working for investment firm now. Our training course aims to guide as many traders into the right direction as we can.

Yes, you can. We will also offer you written learning materials so you can read them on your own pace. Remember that this is 1 to 1 coaching. So anything unclear you can ask us immediately during the class or during the lab or even using emails. As 1 to 1 training, you have the right to contact your tutor always when you need them during the training.

Of course, you can. During the training course, we help with traders with how to maximise our tools for your profitable trading. This is already quite valuable part of our training course. So it is nothing wrong to join our course. At the end of the day, we will pass you some practical knowledge and insights gained from studying over 1000 different markets. So even if you are experienced one, you will still get benefited a lot from our training course.

We understood your concern. When you go to some university to take Finance, MBA or Investment courses in BSc or MSc. The cost will be typically from 10,000 US dollar to 60,000 US dollar depending on the university reputation but they will still not teach the trading and investment in practical point of view. Just some funny story to share, my Economics teacher was from the best business school in the world, the Wharton Business school, many years back. He often told us how much money he lost from stock trading. Well, academics are academics and trading is really trading. Our training course is short but practical. Most importantly, after our course, we will get you going with your trading and investment in practical sense not leaving you anything vague. With good trading strategy and professional attitude, the added benefit on your future career is countless. With the full potential for this training course to become your life changer in terms of your earning and careers, our training course is definitely worth for you to consider.

Thanks for very good question. In my opinion, long training is not necessarily better than short training. However there is a need to cover right elements in your training. Theory, practice and real world trading experience must be included in your training. If all of these are covered well and you followed them well. I think you can trade your live account within 2 to 3 month periods. With some cautious trainee, we have seen that he could take up to 6 month in his demo account trading. So there is some variation for different people. On the other hands, we have seen quite good learner who start to trade on his live account after 2 month from the course commencing day.

Yes, you can join our course even if you are working full time. You can pre-arrange your teaching and mentoring classes on evening or on weekend normally before start the training. To check if your preferred teaching and mentoring time can be feasible after your work, you can fill our registration request form for training  and send us the scanned form to “admin@algotrading-investment.com”.  If your preferred teaching and mentoring times are not available, then we will tell you that it is not possible. It is still registration request form and if the time is not feasible for us, then we will not proceed it for the registration yet.