How to install Products  when you bought products from

You can download the Automatic Product Installer (Trading Investment Helper) from the link below:

Trading Investment Helper Version 1.15

Once you have purchased our products, you may need to go through the installation step. We offer free Automatic Installer to help for product installation. With our Automatic Product Installer (Trading Investment Helper), you can

  • keep track of new version release for our products:  You will be able to collect our old version and new version in your computer since your purchase.
  • Automatic installation: Installation takes only few buttons clicks.
  • Access to free tools through Markets Tab – free and paid user can access to this.
  • Access to free trials for other paid products through Market Tabs: free and paid users can access to this.
  • Read our EBooks or magagines for your trading and investment education

7 Step Installation Guide

Installation step is extremely simple with the help of the automatic installer (TradingInvestmentHelper.exe).

  1. Close all the running MetaTrader terminals in your computer.
  2. Enter your Order ID, Email and PIN number in the automatic installer.
  3. Click “Log In” button.
  4. Choose the product you want to install from Your Product page (Use your mouse to select the product you want to install from the list)
  5. Click “Install” button.
  6. Click “Download Product” button.
  7. Open MetaTrader and use our products (make sure that you have allowed dll imports for expert advisor setting).

If above 7 step installation guide is not sufficient, then please read 1 minutes installation guide below.

1 Minute Installation Guide for Paid Products

Please note that before your license become live and usable, it can take up to one hour after the payment is cleared. If they do not work after one hour, please contact us to check your order with us.

A. Downloading TradingInvestmentHelper

1. Close any MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 terminals running in your window before starting the Trading and Investment Helper.

2. Download Trading and Investment Helper to somewhere in your hard drive:

3. Please unzip (decompress) the file to start to use it in your Hard Drive.

4. Simply run TradingInvestmentHelper.exe file (Automatic Installer) from the folder.

B. Logging In

1. Enter your email,

2.  Enter order ID

3.  Enter PIN number in the entry boxes. For the very first time use, you have to create 5 digit PIN number for yourself. From the second use, you need to use the same PIN number. Please do not get lost your PIN number for future use.

4. Press “Log In” button in the Trading and Investment Helper.

5. Click Your Product page

Trading Investment Helper S001

C. Product Installation

1. click the product you want to install from “Your Product” page.

2.  Press “Install Product” button

3.  Press “Download Product” button.

Trading Investment Helper S002

Now start your Meta Trader terminal. Make sure that you allow “dll import” and automated trading from expert option. Then start to use our products. You can close Trading and Investment Helper now.

Product License Viewer New Version Paid S004 e1

When you have to manually download vmProduct32.dll (or vmProduct64.dll), please use this download link.

Trouble shooting with installation

During installing our product, you might encounter few problems. Here are common problems and solution for the problem.

  1. The name of vmProduct32.dll file must not change:  Sometimes, users copy the vmProduct.dll file inside Product License Viewer Folder to the Libraries folder in your MetaTrader terminal. This is not the standard installation procedure. Instead,  clicking “Download vmProduct” button will download vmProduct32.dll and vmProduct64.dll file to your Product Folder. Use these two files to put in your Libraries Folder in your Meta Trader. In addition, do not change the name to something else. vmProduct32.dll file goes for MetaTrader 4 and vmProduct64.dll file goes for MetaTrader 5 only.
  2. Missing to allow dll import: Make sure that dll allow option is ticked in the Expert Advisor tab (Tools>>Options>>Expert Advisors) as  well as the Common tab (Navigator >> Attach to Chart >> Common) when you attach the indicator to your chart. It is really a simple thing but many users miss this step.
  3. Anti-virus software or firewall is blocking the Product Licence Viewer – For the remedy for this problem, you have to make the Product License Viewer Folder to be exclusive from your anti-virus software. Here is the example link showing how the Avast Anti-Virus software can exclude specific folder or files ( Each Ant–Virus software have their own way of doing this.
  4. When you are not able to download vmProduct32.dll or vmProduct64.dll files for some reason: When you have the problem of downloading vmProduct32.dll, then you can simply copy and paste the vmProduct.dll file in your Trading Investment Helper folder into your library folder of your MetaTrader. After copy the vmProduct.dll file to library folder of MetaTrader folder, change the name to vmProduct32.dll. For vmProduct64.dll, you can not use vmProduct.dll file. So contact us for some help.

When you have the problem with installation, you can always contact us at When you contact us, it is helpful to send us the screenshot of your Expert tab. Therefore, we can see the error message. Check the screenshot below for an example.

ATI Trouble Shooting

Compatibility Issues due to Dot Net Framework version (Window 8 and Below including window 7)

Various window OS have different Dot Net Framework, sometimes this can be the only issue that the automatic installer (Trading Investment Helper) can not run in your computer. To know which Dot Net Framework is installed in your computer, you can simply use this tool, please download this Dot Net Detector. Extract them in your hard drive. There is no need for install anything since this is portable version. Just run the exe file and you will see the Dot Net Framework version in your computer. You can simply install the Dot Net Framework by clicking on the form. Please try to install Dot Net Frame work version 3.5 or 4.0 Full package.

Dot Net Detector e1

Compatibility Issues due to Dot Net Framework (Window 10 or over)

We found that window 10 can have some issue of running our Automatic Installer. In window 10, you can try a simple steps to fix your problem:

  1. Navigate to the installation folder of the Automatic Installer (Trading Investment Helper).
  2. Locate the .exe file, right-click and open Properties.
  3. Under the Compatibility tab, check the box beside Run this program in compatibility mode for window 7 or window 8.

Window 10 compatability 2