How to install Products  when you bought products from

For your convenient Product Installation, we provide a fully Customized Product Installation Tool, Product License Viewer. Product License Viewer is an exclusive tool that you will be using to install our products in your computer. It is easy to use but comes with a lot of handy features. The biggest advantage is that you can track the newer version of our products much easier. You can keep old version and newer version at the same time in your computer (note that does not support this). For example, to download new update, you only need just one button click with our Product License Viewer.  Below screenshot shows how our Product License Viewer looks at glance.

Here is a video tutorial on how to install our products with the help of the Product License Viewer. As you can see from the video, it took around 3 minutes to complete an installation of Harmonic Pattern Plus. Watch this video. Or you can also read the step by step guide below this video if you prefer reading. You only need to activate once then the products will work for any MetaTrader brokers in your computers. Just make sure that the ex4 (or ex5) files are copied to the MetaTrader folders. Please note that after your payment is cleared, it can take up to 1 hour for your license to be live. So if you are not able to get connected after your payment, give some more time before you try second time. If you are not able to get connected after 1 hour, contact us for help (

Quick 5 Minutes Installation Guide

Please note that before your license become live and usable, it can take up to one hour after the payment is cleared. So when you are not able to get connected with Product License Viewer, you might have to wait little longer. If they do not work after one hour, please contact us to check your order with us.

1. Close any MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 terminals running in your window before starting our Product License Viewer.

2. Download Product License Viewer to your hard drive somewhere. You can download it to anywhere in your hard drive.

3. Since Product License Viewer is inside zipped file, please unzip the file to start to use it in the same folder.

4. Simply run ProductLicenseViewer.exe file from the folder.

5. Enter your email, order ID and secure pin number in the entry boxes in the Product License Viewer. When you are connected for the first time, you have to create 5 digit secure pin number for yourself. From your second connection, you need to use the same secure pin number to get connected. Please do not get lost your secure pin number.

6. Then press “Connect” button in the Product License Viewer.

7. When you are connected successfully, you will see the list of product under the Product License Tab.

8. Click the License you want to install (activate) in your computer, then press “Activate” button. If you are successful, then you will get message saying “License Activate on this machine”.

9. If you have not downloaded your product yet. Also press “Download Product” button to download the products in your hard drive.

10. Unzip your product file and copy the ex4 (for MetaTrader 4) or ex5 (for Meta Trader 5) to either “\MQL4\Indicators” folder or “\MQL4\Experts” folder in your Meta Trader terminal.

11. When you are installing our products for first time in your computer, press “Download vmProduct” button to download vmProduct32.dll (or vmProduct64.dll). vmProduct32.dll (or vmProduct64.dll) will be automatically copied to your Libraries Folder. This step can take up to 1 minutes, so please be patient. If vmProduct32.dll (or vmProduct64.dll) files are not successfully copied to “\MQL4\Libraries” folder in your MetaTrader folder, then you might have to copy them to “\MQL4\Libraries” folder manually. You only need to press “Download vmProduct” button once even if you are installing multiple products.

12. Now start your Meta Trader terminal. Make sure that you allow “dll import” and automated trading from expert option. Then start to use our products.

Please note that for free products, you do not have to go through this installation steps. You can use free product straight away after you have download them.

10 Minutes Step by Step Installation Guide

Step 1-Close all running MetaTrader in your Window and Download Product License Viewer to your computer

Since our Product License Viewer is an exclusive tool to install your products purchased from , you will need to download the Product License Viewer first. You will use our Product License Viewer to install any product you have purchased from Remember that Product License Viewer offers One Click Product activation for your product and you can also download your product again through the Product License Viewer. So it is really a convenient tool that we offer in the part of our customer supports. To download our Product Licence Viewer, simple click the button below. Product License Viewer is absolutely free to download and to use. We provide this as part of our customer support. To start viewing your products and license, you need to have at least one paid order with us, of course.

Step 2-Save License Viewer to your Computer

Once you have downloaded the Product License Viewer in zipped file ( in your computer, you can locate them to anywhere in your hard drive. However, we recommend to locate it to where you can easily find later because you will use the Product License Viewer often if you are keep purchasing products from us. In the screenshot below, we have just created a folder “AlgoTrade” in our C drive as an example. You can move the zip file to anywhere and there is no restriction in doing so.

Product License Viewer S002

Step 3-Unzip Product Viewer to your Computer

The next step is of course, to unzip the Product License Viewer file in your folder. So we can start to use its functionality.

Step 4-Run Product License Viewer

To run Product License Viewer, simply open the ProductLicenseViewer.exe. Make sure that your Anti-Virus software will not block its operation. Anti Virus software blocking is ever increasing problem for normal operation of software. Our Product License Viewer is safe and it only operates for your product installation and nothing else. When you have unzipped file, you will see ProductLicenseViewer.exe inside your folder. Open the exe file to view the Product License Viewer.

Product License Viewer S004

Step 5-Get Logged In with Product License Viewer

After opening the ProductLicenceViewer.exe, you need to get logged in with Product License Viewer. Enter your email and latest Order ID to get connected. Remember that you get the latest Order ID from us when you purchase our products. Enter the latest Order ID for the paid products not for free products only. When you are connected for first time, create 5 digit PIN number like 12543, etc. From second login, use the same 5 digit PIN number to get logged in. Please keep your PIN number safely. You will need it for future login.

Step 6-Activate your license

Once you are logged in, you will see your product list from Product License Tab. To activate your license on your computer, simply select the product from the list. Then click “Activate License” button. Please wait for sometime until you receive the Activation Message. Once activation is done in your computer, there is no need to do any more activation even if you are using the same product for another brokers’ MT4 or MT5 terminals.

Step 7-Download Products files and vmProduct.dll files

To download products, simply click “Download Product” button. All your downloaded files will be saved in the “Product Folder” inside  your Product License Viewer Folder. Please note that downloading can take some time from several seconds to few minutes. Please be patients.

If you are activating our products for first time in your computer, then you need to copy vmProduct32.dll (or vmProduct64.dll) files to your “\MQL4\Libraries”. Luckily we have made this step automatic (Make sure that all the running MetaTrader terminals are closed before installing our products.). If you click “Download vmProduct” button, then it will download vmProduct32.dll and vmProduct64.dll files to your hard drive in the Product Folder. After that, it will automatically copy those files to your “\MQL4\Libraries” folder in all existing MetaTrader folder. If you are getting any copy error message, then you might have to copy them manually. But it is still doable. Once the vmProduct32.dll (or vmProduct64.dll) files are copied to “\MQL4\Libraries” folder, there is no need to do this step again for your computer. Only exception will be when we release new version of vmProduct32 (or vmProduct64.dll) files. You can check the version from vmProduct32-64.txt file always. In addition, do not press “Download vmProduct” button multiple times. One click can take from several seconds to few minutes. There is no need to go through this step more than once.

ATI-Product License Viewer S005e2

Step 8-Copy your products (ex4 or ex5 files) in your MetaTrader Terminal

Once you have downloaded your products. They are the zipped files. Therefore, please unzip the product files before you use them. Once you are ready to put your products. Then put the product files (ex4 or ex5 files) to Indicator Folder (or Expert Folder) for your MetaTrader. See the screenshots for further demonstration. Do not put the zip file in the indicator or expert folder.

Step 9-Use the installed Product

Since you have put your product into Indicator (Expert) Folder of your MetaTrader terminal, now you are ready to use the products. To use the activated Product, you need to allow DLL import in your MetaTrader terminal. That is all. After that, just attach our products to your charts. That is the end of the installation steps.

Product License Viewer S009e3

When you install our products for another MetaTrader broker in the same computer

Of course you can run our products for multiple MetaTrader terminals in the same computer. In fact, you can run our products for unlimited number of MetaTrader brokers in the same machine. This is good news, isn’t it? Yes, you have whole freedom to choose different brokers for your trading. When you changed your broker, then you can install our products for that broker following simple instruction. All you have to do is just these two steps.

  • Step 1: Copy ex4 (or ex5) to the new MetaTrader folder for that new broker.
  • Step 2: Copy vmProduct32.dll (or vmProduct64.dll) to the “\MQL4\libraries” folder of the new broker

For Step 2, if you do not like to manually copy the vmProduct32.dll (or vmProduct64.dll) file, then just start our Product License Viewer, then click “Download vmProduct” button. This will download vmProduct32.dll and vmProduct64.dll and then these files will be automatically copied to the right folder in the new Meta Trader folder. If you are running any problem, open your libraries folder, see if the vmProduct32.dll (or vmProduct64.dll) files are successfully copied.

When you install our products for new computer

Of course, you can install our products to your new computer too. We offer the twice generous license in comparison to the average product licensing scheme. You can use our products simultaneously in several different computers. When you want to install our products in your new computer, you have to repeat the entire installation steps as you did in your first installation for your existing computer. That is it. Then enjoy powerful trading system and strategy we offer.

Trouble shooting with installation

During installing our product, you might encounter few problems. Here are common problems and solution for the problem.

  1. The name of vmProduct32.dll file must not change:  Sometimes, users copy the vmProduct.dll file inside Product License Viewer Folder to the Libraries folder in your MetaTrader terminal. This is not the standard installation procedure. Instead,  clicking “Download vmProduct” button will download vmProduct32.dll and vmProduct64.dll file to your Product Folder. Use these two files to put in your Libraries Folder in your Meta Trader. In addition, do not change the name to something else. vmProduct32.dll file goes for MetaTrader 4 and vmProduct64.dll file goes for MetaTrader 5 only.
  2. Missing to allow dll import: Make sure that dll allow option is ticked in the Expert Advisor tab (Tools>>Options>>Expert Advisors) as  well as the Common tab (Navigator >> Attach to Chart >> Common) when you attach the indicator to your chart. It is really a simple thing but many users miss this step.
  3. Anti-virus software or firewall is blocking the Product Licence Viewer – For the remedy for this problem, you have to make the Product License Viewer Folder to be exclusive from your anti-virus software. Here is the example link showing how the Avast Anti-Virus software can exclude specific folder or files ( Each Ant–Virus software have their own way of doing this.

When you have the problem with installation, you can always contact us at When you contact us, it is helpful to send us the screenshot of your Expert tab. Therefore, we can see the error message. Check the screenshot below for an example.

ATI Trouble Shooting

Users with Apple Mac or Linux based Operating System

Users with Window OS, from Window 7 to Window X, can ignore this part. If you are using Apple Mac based OS or Linux based OS or other OS, then you might use some window emulator to run MetaTrader in your Computer. We found some Mac users are using our products without any problem. However, each user can have a specific Operating System  configuration which is different from other users. So your Mac Computer are not necessarily able to run our products (or our app) because other Mac Users can run our products without any problem. Although this is not the absolutely guarantee, there is a simple way to test if you can run our products in your Computer or not. Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Download our Product License Viewer (click the download button on this page)
  2. Run Product License Viewer
  3. Click “Test Connection” button.

For the Connection Test, there is no need to get connected in the Product License Viewer. Simply click “Test Connection” button when the Product License Viewer is opened. If your computer passed the Connection Test successfully, then your Mac or Linux computer have a good chance to be able to run our Products. If you are not able to pass the Connection Test, then 99% chance that your Mac or Linux OS is not ready to run our products. If you have any doubt about running our products in your Computer, feel free to talk to us at any time ( We care about our customers and their value.

ProductLicenseViewer S002e1