Create Contents and  Earn Loyalty Rewards Points worth the cash

On our website 10 points is equivalent to 1 US dollar and this points can be used to purchase any of our products or service. There are several ways of earning points.

  1. You will receive 20 points when you register on our website.
  2. You can receive 50 points (5 US dollar equivalent) to 1000 points (100 US dollar equivalent) when you submit manual or instruction written in pdf file by yourself.
  3. You can receive 50 points (5 US dollar equivalent) to 1000 points (100 US dollar equivalent) when you submit manual or instruction video clip made by yourself.
  4. The points can be used to purchase our internal software or service but we don’t directly give out cash for your points.

Potential Topics to create pdf or video materials for manual and instruction

  1. Any introductory topics related trading and investment written in plain English and in Layman’s term (Any topics are fine including some creative ones. For example, how to trade in forex. How to trade binary option, etc.)
  2. Any introductory topics related Meta Trader 4 or 5 usage or Ninja Trader or Trade Station, etc. (For example, how to use History centre, Market watch in MT4, etc.)
  3. Any manuals or instructions related to our software usage in parts or in full. (For example, how to use price breakout pattern scanner, how to use sideways Market analyser, etc.)
  4. For above 1, 2 and 3 topics, you can also receive points by translating any existing materials into different language. We can currently assess English, Chinese, Russian and Korean.

Note that we prefer the manual or instruction type materials rather than articles for beginners. So we highly appreciate good presentation in the materials as well as clean explanation. Most of time we are looking for basic step by step guide for beginners rather than complex topics.

We also value your experience gained from hitting ground. If you believe that sharing your manual or instruction is important for other traders, then please feel free to submit one even if they are really basic manuals. The length of Pdf materials should be between 3 pages and 12 pages. The video materials should be between 3 minutes and 15 minutes. The video material should be located on YouTube and downloadable by us.

Terms and Conditions to submit pdf or video materials on our website

  1. The submitted pdf or video materials must be created by sender (i.e. sender should be the author. The submitter should be responsible for any copy right issues.).
  2. The points will be assessed carefully by our internal team using our own criteria but normally they are quite generous and friendly.
  3. The sender (author) must agree to publish for the pdf material or video material on behalf of our website. We may use your material to modify or to further process in some cases.
  4. Although we will accept the pdf manual or video manuals most of time from our sender, we may not publish them on our website without disclosing the reason. In such a case, you will still receive points.
  5. If we believe that the submitted manuals are too poor quality in terms of demonstration, we may reject them.
  6. The submitted material must be clean from copyright issue and we don’t responsible for any copy right issue for your submitted documents or video materials. So it is best to submit materials created by yourself. When you translate other existing documents into another language, you must ask the original author for the permission.
  7. The submitted video material will be downloaded by us. We may publish your video on our YouTube channel.