Demo and Live Trading

Trading and Investment is a serious occupation requiring sufficient market knowledge and skills. In the past, we have observed starters and junior trader rushing into their live trading without sufficient market knowledge and skills sets. Junior traders in Investment Bank and Fund Management Firm are normally provided with several months of training and mentoring before they go for live trading. Therefore we also encourage our customers to have sufficient practice on demo account before they go for live trading. Note that the right skills and disciplines you have acquired from your trading and investment are incredibly valuable for your entire life because becoming a successful trader means that you can become self established man financially and you can gain reputation among trading and investment communities like Robert Prechter, William D GANN or Warren Buffets. So we suggest our customers to follow the righteous path for their successful and professional trading and investment career. Below is a beief guideline to consider when you practice your trading and investment:

  1. Understand the Market
  2. Do Sufficient research for the Securities to Trade
  3. Master the basic charting and analytical skills
  4. Select a Suitable Trading Strategy and practice in demo account
  5. Understand and Practice Money Management
  6. Find good brokers and Understand Brokerage Charges
  7. Be more objective than emotional as trading and investment is all about decision making

Note that above advices are friendly advices for starters and junior traders only. If you want to get the training in more organized way, then we can help you for that too. We offer the formal training with your practical needs. Please visit our training course here: Price Action and Pattern Trading Course