Education Section Overview

We are here to help you to win in your trading and investment. We understand that offering good educational materials are as important as offering good products. Therefore, we allocated the dedicated education section on our website for both our customers and potential customers. In general, the education section contains useful information about our product as well as general guidelines for trading and investment. The learning materials on our education section consist of written materials and video materials. In details, the scope of our education sections covers:

  • Manuals or instruction related to our products like Harmonic pattern plus, Price breakout pattern scanner, etc
  • Manuals or instruction related to any trading platform like MetaTrader 4 or CAlgo, etc
  • Any trading or investment strategy
  • Any mathematical or statistical theory related trading and investment
  • Any philosophy or science related trading and investment
  • Any description or explanation related type of trading or investment. For example, forex spot, forex binary option, option, stock trading, future trading, commodity trading, etc.

Sometimes, we write the learning materials ourselves but anyone can participate in creating this learning materials if you have something to share. Of course, we offer some rewards for your sharing. Please refer to Authorship page for more details about how to submit your written or video materials to us. Before use any of our written and video materials in our education section, you must read and agree on the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer before use of our educational section

All trading involves high risk. The past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance. ATI gives no guarantees, promises, or warranties suggesting that any trading will not result in a loss or will result in a profit. Trading Forex/Stock/Indices/Futures/Binary Options has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk and traders can lose a considerable amount of money. Readers must use the information on our education section fully at their own risk. You are aware of the risks and willing to accept them, to use the information, solely at your own risk and without recourse to ATI and the authors of the education materials on our website.