Introduction to Pair Trading Signal

The Pair Trading strategy have been around the market for a long time.  It is often  considered as the Market Neutral Trading Strategy. Regardless of the type of markets, this strategy are used widely between traders and investors. The strategy can be applied to Forex, Commodity and Stock markets. We currently provide our pair trading signal for Forex Markets only.

Even though Pair Trading Strategy is best described as taking the hedge position of buying and selling two highly correlated instruments. At the same time, it is possible to only take one directional position. When you take one directional position, you can use the pair trading signal as the primary confirmation and then you can use other secondary confirmation techniques to accomplish your trading decision. On the other hands, you can use the pair trading signal as the secondary confirmation techniques and then you can use your other technical or fundamental analysis as the primary confirmation. One thing you have to note here is that your other techniques to be used together with our pair trading signal should be based on the mean reversion trading because our pair trading signal are based on the mean reversion trading principle too.

We provide you the pair trading signal service in the convenient form for your trading. That is just one click analysis. Unlike other sophisticated trading tools, with our signal, you do not have to spend lots of hours sitting in front of your computer to go through the ad-hoc analysis with different symbols. The signal is all geared up for the one click analysis. Therefore, our signal service is simple and easy. Any trader can use our signal service as long as he understands what is the mean reversion trading strategy.

Pair Trading Signal S001

How to subscribe our Pair Trading Signal

Getting our pair trading signal is very simple. We provide the standalone signal providing platform to deliver our pair trading signal to you. There is no need to register or sign up either on the website to use our pair trading signal. Simply download the Signal Providing Platform which is free and use our Pair Trading Signal from there. We offer two weeks free demo account. You can use this free demo account period to fully evaluate the benefits of our signal service before purchasing the paid subscription. The free demo account is strictly free and there is nothing attached. You do not even have to supply any personal information. For paid subscription, we currently offer the 1 month subscription for 25 US dollar and the 6 month subscription for 120 US dollar. You can use our pair trading signal as long as you want and you need. Since we do not use roll back (recurring) payment method, once you do not pay, then the service will stop automatically. Therefore, you do not have to worry about cancelling the subscription. Either you do not have to give us any advance notice to cancel the service.

Pair Trading Signal S002

Once you have downloaded our Signal Providing Platform, simply unzip the file in your hard drive. Start APT.exe file as “Run As administer”. That is it and it is simple as ABC really. Now you can use our Signal Providing Platform for both demo and paid accounts. Please read how to get connected server below to get connected with our server.

Pair Trading Signal S005

How to get connected to our Server

Once you have downloaded our Signal Providing Platform. First step to receive the pair trading signal is to get connected to our Server. Currently we are operating our Server on the following address:

  •  IP Address:
  • Port Number:  5321
  • User Name For Demo Account:  PTSDemo
  • User Name for Paid Account:  Your Email Address

Simply type the address and port number inside the Connection Setting Box. For the free demo account, you can just type “PTSDemo” in your user name. For the paid account, please enter your email address. To better illustrate this process, we provide the screenshot below.

Pair Trading Signal S004e2