Introduction to Price Action Trading Signal

Price Action Trading is considered as a powerful trading strategy for many professional traders. Our price action trading strategy is based on detecting profitable patterns from charts. Last 10 years, we made a considerable amount of time and effort to build the highly automated tools in detecting these patterns from the financial market. One of the longest project is the Price Breakout Pattern detection. We have a fully automated scanner now. We are supplying the excellent tool to global forex and stock market traders in the world last five years. We even got calls for business and partnership offer from many companies across the world. Through our signal service, we will focus to increase your profit in safe and consistent manner. Our effort will be continuously added to improve the performance of the signal service.

Price Action Trading Signal

Operation of Price Action Trading Signal

Our Price Action Trading Signal is based on the fully automated trading system. It is a medium frequency trading. The sensitivity to the choice of broker is low in contrast to the high frequency trading strategy. We follow the conventional wisdom of using strict order and risk management for this signal service. Therefore, the signal can be considered as safe in the first place. Either you can use the signal as the set and forget system with 100% hand free operation or you could use the signal as the part of your decision making tool with your own analysis. The choice is entirely up to you. You will get the benefits from both ways.

Trading Style of Price Action Trading Signal

  1. Profit Target: This signal aims 50% to 100% over 12 month periods (the compounding profits calculation.)
  2. Strict Risk Management. Safety first.
  3. around 10 – 15 trade each week (This is rough figure only for your information.).
  4. Medium Frequency Trading (less sensitive to your brokers).
  5. Full time Monitoring and Occasional intervention over the trading robots (99% trading robot operation)
  7. Support for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  8. Recommend to have an account size greater than 1500 dollar.

In the future, we might support for platform indepent signals. But please stay tuned while we are working hard to get the technology.

Additional Information for Signal Subscribers

We recommend this signal if :

  • You have blown up your account many times subscribing fast growing high risk signal before (like grid or martingale or high frequency). You want to stop blowing your account. Note our Pure Algo Trading EA is safe and steady grower. Rather than rich quick or blowing your account scheme.
  • You have the realistic growth expectation on your trading capital.
  • You know that trading and investment involves some risk.

Finally it should be noted that the Price Action Trading signal can have some good time and bad time just like anything else in this world. However, it is probably the great idea to leave the entire labor of trading to robot for your own convenience. Especially if you have full time work, then our signal service is even more appealing solution to grow your income.

How to Subscribe

Buying EA (or Trading robot) can be an expensive purchasing decision. Signal subscription allow you to spend less and grow your income first. When you have grown up your income with our signal service, you can use the profit to pay off the future signal subscription fee. So signal subscription can work in more economic way for growing your money. You can either subscribe for 1 month or 6 month. We do not take rolling payment from you. So after the expiration of the subscription, you must renew to continue the subscription. Many of our customers use 6 month subscription plan after 1 month subscription.

MetaTrader 4 Platform

MetaTrader 5 Platform

Platform Free (or Independent) Signal Subscription

  • We are preparing this service in the near future. So stay tuned. For now, we only provide subscription for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.