Signal Provider Opportunity for Profitable Traders

1. Become Signal Provider with ATI

Depending on your level of trading experience, this opportunity might be for you or maybe not.  After many years of trading experience, it may be not sufficient for you to trade for yourself only. Signal Provider Opportunity was designed for the ambitious individuals who want to climb high on his trading career. If you are open to share your signal and if you are open to communicate with other traders, this signal providing opportunity is just right one for you. In addition, you are not a trader but you have very good market analysis techniques to improve other people’s trading, this type of skills are also welcome to apply for this signal provider opportunity. For example, you might be very good Elliott Wave Technician. If your analysis have a good predictive power for practical trading, then you can join this signal provider opportunity with us.

2. How does this Signal Provider Opportunity work for you?

For signal provider opportunity, your trading strategy needs to generate good profit first for yourself. This is the first requirement. We have the IT technology to broadcast your signal all over the world to the paid subscribed customers. Literarily you can focus on your trading only and we will take care of your signals to reach to the customers who subscribe to your signal. Yet, this is very different opportunity from using third party website since you can enjoy our dedicated signal-providing platform specially designed for you. You can trade on your free Meta Trader platforms as usual. You do not have to change the way you were trading. However, your trading signal will reach to individual traders who uses various broker sources not only limited to Meta Trader brokers but also including many more brokers who do not use Meta Traders. With our IT technology, instead of just sending the signal or notification only, you can broadcast your message and communicate with your subscriber. You can guide your subscriber better with better communication. With the value added on both traders and customers’ side, you can generate good profit with us. With our IT technology, you can simply attract many more customers. We will share good portion of profit for your hard working. You can discuss with us about the profit sharing terms if you are interested in this opportunity.

3. Who could apply for the Signal Provider Opportunity with ATI

Typical good candidate are listed below. Generally we avoid any high frequency trading system for the signal providing purpose.

  • Profitable traders using typical discretionary trading style with medium frequency
  • Profitable Price action and Pattern Traders using either Harmonic Pattern, Price Breakout or Elliott Wave or Supply Demand, etc
  • Good Market Analyst with high predictive power using either Elliott Wave analysis,  econometric analysis, economic analysis or other technical analysis
  • Trading Robot with stable performance but medium to low frequency

What matters for you to become successful signal provider is the predictive power of your trading decision. Therefore, your subscribed customers can take the same profitable opportunity with you. As you can provide the signal remotely over the internet, candidate from all over the world can apply for this signal provider opportunity. To apply for this opportunity, please contact us at Make sure that you are writing about yourself and your trading experience briefly in your first email otherwise we will never know you.