Introduction to Fractal Pattern Scanner

Breakout Trading and Reversal Trading

Fractal Pattern Scanner can provide both breakout and reversal trading opportunity. Firstly, you can use the Fractal Pattern Scanner as the pure probability machine to measure the turning point probability. This turning point probability quantifies the price action at every wave in your chart. While you are using the Fractal Pattern Scanner as the pure probability machine, you can access both reversal and breakout trading. You can look for the breakout trading opportunity when the turning point probability is relative low whereas you can look for reversal trading opportunity when the turning point probability is relative high. Secondly, you can ask the Fractal Pattern Scanner to detect the mother wave pattern. Mother wave pattern detection can be considered as the statistical representation of the Elliott Wave Theory. For example, Mother wave pattern detect the pattern inside pattern structure, where small patterns are jagged inside big pattern like the Elliott Wave pattern. With mother wave pattern, you can also perform both breakout and reversal trading.

Main Features

1. Provide the automatic turning point probability measurement in multiple cycles.

2. Provide breakout trading and reversal Trading with wave pattern detection.

3. Provide the Multiple Timeframe Panel for Turning Point Probability

4. Fibonacci Probability Graph helps to detect the accurate trading opportunity with support and resistance.

5. Automated Gann’s Angles (Gann’s Fan), the advanced Gann Angles tuned with probability (Bonus and optional feature only).

6. Automated Andrew’s Pitchfork (Bonus and optional feature only).

YouTube Video Tutorial

1. Breakout Pattern and Breakout Trading Signal Explained:

2. Reversal Trading and Breakout Trading (Basic operation covered):

3. Trading with Fractal Wave and Stochastic Cycle using Fractal Pattern Scanner:

4. Gann Angles, Mother Wave pattern, Fibonacci Expansion, Andrew’s Pitchfork, and Probability Panels (Optional Information only):

Fractal Pattern Manuals 

●  Fractal Pattern Scanner Trading Operation Tips (Must Read)

●  Breakout Trading or Reversal Trading (Must Read)

Understanding Gann’s Angles with Probability – Brand New Technology

●  Combining Gann Angles from Multiple Projection Origins

Fractal Pattern Strategy Guides

Introduction to Fractal Pattern in Financial Market

Geometric Prediction, the Bible for Successful Trading (Must Read)

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Fractal Wave, Mother Wave, and Child Wave

Trading Price Pattern with Turning Point Probability

Fibonacci Probability Graph

Mother Wave and Child Wave with Joint Probability

Predicting Volatility with Turning Point Probability

Support and Resistance Trading with Turning Point Probability

Harmonic Pattern Trading with Turning Point Probability

Falling Wedge Pattern and Rising Wedge Pattern with Turning Point Probability

●  Gann Angles with Probability

●  Reversal Trading with Fractal Wave and Stochastic Cycles (Must Read)

●  Breakout Trading with Fractal Wave and Stochastic Cycles (Must Read)

Fractal Moving Average Indicator

You can use Fractal Moving Average Indicator together with Fractal Pattern Scanner. Fractal Moving Average Indicator is free.

Important Note

Please read the provided manuals and strategy guides thoroughly before buying Fractal Pattern Scanner. If you know how to use strategy tester, then you can test many features of the product in the strategy tester before buying them. This product is the off the shelf product in the store. Therefore, we do not take any personal modification or personal customization request. For our products, we do not provide any code library or any support for your coding.

Further Note

Fractal Pattern Indicator can be used on its own. However, you can always combine with different trading system like below:

From the link below, we provide the free application for the automatic Fractal Decomposition Analysis. Use this free tool to increase your understanding on Fractal Decomposition and Fractal Cycle Analysis.