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Introduction to High Frequency Robot

High Frequency Robot EA is a fully automatic trading robot designed for forex trader. Literary it is fast and furious. When this robot meet the right brokers, it can grow the profit really fast. However, this robot is sensitive to the choice of brokers and order execution latency. You will need to find out good brokers with low latency. You will also need some good quality vps or dedicated sever to run this high frequency trading robot. When you want to optimize this EA, try to use tick data if possible. How to use this trading robot is extremely simple. Please understand that high frequency trading robot involves considerable amount of risk for your trading capital. This is not the bullet proof trading system.

Important Note (Must Read)

We offer 1 month rent at reasonable cost. Please use 1 month rent to see if this robot (EA) is suitable for your broker and your vps. Using small live account is preferred for initial testing although you can use demo account too. Also use broker does not restrict you for the tight stop loss and pending order for best results.

Important Warning (Must Read)

Unlike manual trading, Auto Trading requires some knowledge and hand on experience before using the EA for your trading. Therefore, we only recommend this EA if you have a prior knowledge on MetaTrader and Auto Trading. If you are new to trading, we recommend to start with manual trading because the black box nature of auto trading can be less friendly for starters.

Please read this article for more information about our expert adviser and trading robots before buying this robots:

Demo and Live Account Trading

You might use Demo account for initial monitoring of this trading robot. However, initially, it is best recommended to use live account with small trading balance first. Later, if you are happy with your brokers, then you can move on to bigger account. Please do not tell your brokers that you want to run high frequency trading robot, etc. Brokers do not like high frequency trading robot.

Input Setting 1 (choose only)

  • Risk Per Trade: 0.01 = 1% Risk per Trade. 0.01 = default
  • Manual Lot size: this is used if Risk Per Trade = 0.0
  • Max Allowed Slippage in pips: allowed slippage for trade
  • Max Allowed Spread for trading in pips: maximum allowed spread for trade. If current spread from your broker is greater than this value, EA will not trade.
  • Broker Stop Level in pips: This is the minimum distance allowed to set Stop pending order (i.e. buy stop or sell stop). You may need to clarify with your broker what is the minimum stop level your broker allow for stop order. If you set to 0, then EA will use Stop Level stored in your Meta Trader. However, many brokers do not set this value correctly in MetaTrader4 terminal. Therefore, it is best to confirm with your broker.

Input setting 2 (optimize)

Note that search range is given for general guidance only here for you. You can always use smaller search range with rough incremental step for less computation and for wider search range for better results. Think about your computation before starting optimization.

  • Use Adaptive Filter: true or false only
  • Use Integral Filter: true or false only
  • Trend Type: 0 to 3 only
  • Factor X: 10 to 30
  • Factor Y: 3 to 15
  • Volatility Filter: normally 3 to 6 only
  • Breakout Mode: 1 to 2 only
  • Active Exit Level: 3 to 6, 0 = no use
  • Stop loss in pips: this is your stop loss
  • Take profit in pips: this is your take

Input setting 3 (choose only)

  • Show Dash Board: true or false only
  • Use White Background Chart: true or false only
  • EA Magic: Use your own (5 or 6 digits)

Further Note 

For high frequency EA, spread is very important concern. 1 pip or less spread is recommended. As you can see from testing, the performance of this EA is not breaking down with 2 pip spreads. Also 3 pip spread is less profitable but still rather profitable than losing. If your broker is hopeless in getting good spread like 1 pip spread, then you might need to optimize this EA using 3 pip spreads in your tester. Then you may find quite robust setting profitable even with 3 pip spreads. However, generally we prefer to recommend you to use good broker with small spreads. Broker with zero minimum stop distance is recommended. If you don’t, then make sure that you know what the minimum stop distance is for stop pending order for your broker. Set the right value for the input “Broker Stop Level in pips” for accurate operation. This EA is not 100% winning robots and there can be some drawdown as you can see from screenshots. So please be patient.

Download Settings

Please download the Set File for this expert Advisor. The Zipped file include set files for EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD and USDJPY.

Download Set File

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