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Introduction to High Frequency Robot

High Frequency Robot EA is a fully automatic trading robot designed for forex trader. Literary it is fast and furious. When this robot meet the right brokers, it can grow the profit really fast. However, this robot is sensitive to the choice of brokers and order execution latency. You will need to find out good brokers with low latency. You will also need some good quality vps or dedicated sever to run this high frequency trading robot. When you want to optimize this EA, try to use tick data if possible. How to use this trading robot is extremely simple. Please understand that high frequency trading robot involves considerable amount of risk for your trading capital. This is not the bullet proof trading system.

Important Note (Must Read)

We offer 1 month rent at reasonable cost. Please use 1 month rent to see if this robot (EA) is suitable for your broker and your vps. Using small live account is preferred for initial testing although you can use demo account too. Also use broker does not restrict you for the tight stop loss and pending order for best results.

Important Warning (Must Read)

Unlike manual trading, Auto Trading requires some knowledge and hand on experience before using the EA for your trading. Therefore, we only recommend this EA if you have a prior knowledge on MetaTrader and Auto Trading. If you are new to trading, we recommend to start with manual trading because the black box nature of auto trading can be less friendly for starters.

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