Account Copier MT5 Hedge to MT4 (=Trade Copier)

Account Copier MT5 Hedge to MT4 (=Trade Copier) is a software, which helps Forex traders and account managers to duplicate trading positions from your MetaTrader 5 terminal to your MetaTrader 4 terminal on the same computer/VPS. Operation with our Account Copier is also extremely easy too. All you have to is just run one Sender EA in your Master MetaTrader 5 terminal and run one Receiver EA in your Slave MT4 terminal. You can even copy your positions to multiple MetaTrader 4 terminals. All you have to do is just specifying “Sender ID” from your Sender EA and matching the receiver ID to the sender ID. Our Account (Trade) Copier is really simple to use. At the same time, it provides you the great performance. Make sure that you are using this product for MetaTrader 5 Hedge terminal only. If you are not sure what is Hedge terminal and what is Net terminal, then read this article:


Main Features

  • Copying position in MetaTrader 5 Hedge terminal to MetaTrader 4 terminals (Note that for MetaTrader 5 Netting Terminal, you have to use different Account Copier product.)
  • Very simple to use
  • You can increase or decrease your lot size for different account balance in Receiver (Slave) terminal
  • Fast Copying Speed (Speed is adjustable)
  • Great performance

How to use Account (Trade) Copier

Account (Trade) Copier have really simple user interface. Remember that it works for MetaTrader terminals installed in the same computers. You should put Sender EA to MetaTrader 5 Hedge terminal and put Receiver EA to MetaTrader 4 terminal. For both Sender EA and Receiver EA, you can use default setting for most of time. When you want to connect to more than one Receiver (Slave) terminal then consider below settings.

Setup A:  One Sender EA (Sender Terminal A) to three Receiver EA (Slave Terminal A*, B* and C*)

This setting allow you to copy your trades from Sender (Master) Terminal A to Receiver (Slave) Terminal A*, B* and C*.

Set Sender ID = 0 for Sender EA in Sender (Master) Terminal A and then set Connected Sender ID = 0 for Receiver EA in Receiver (slave) Terminal A*, B* and C*.

Setup B:  Two Sender EAs (Sender Terminal A and B) to two Receiver EAs (Receiver Terminal C and D)

This setting allow you to copy your trades from two Sender (Master) Terminal A and B to Receiver (Slave) Terminal C and D respectively.

Set Sender ID = 0 for Sender EA in Sender (Master) Terminal A and Set Sender ID = 1 for Sender EA in Sender (Master) Terminal B. Then set Connected Sender ID = 0 for Receive EA in Receiver (Slave) Terminal C and  Connected Sender ID = 1 for Receiver EA in Receiver (Slave) terminal D. So Sender 0 will be connected to Receiver 0 and Sender 1 will be connected to Receiver 1.

Limitation of this Account Copier

For this account copier work, please check the currency pairs you want to copy trades are listed in your Receiver terminals too. For example, if you want to copy trades for EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY from your Sender (Master) Terminal, then these three symbols must be listed in your Receiver (Slave) Terminal too. Otherwise, you will experience Order Send error. In addition, you have to run both sender EA and receiver EA 24/7 for the complete copying operations. Do not remove any one of them if there are floating positions in your MT4 terminals. Also it is better to have the similar account size in both Sender and Receiver Terminal. Otherwise, please adjust Lot Multipler carefully to increase or decrease the copying lot size in Receiver (Slave) Terminal.

Important Note

This product is the off the shelf product in the store. Therefore, we do not take any personal modification or personal customization request. For our products, we do not provide any code library or any support for your coding.

Manuals For Account Copier

YouTube About Trade Copier

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1E9g9WO-zc

Trade Copier YouTube

Trade Copier YouTube