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Pure Algo Trading Robot EA

The Pure Algo Trading Robot project goes back to March 2017. The project was about building 100% hand free trading robot with good return. Unlike our Price Breakout Pattern Scanner Autopilot EA, Pure Algo Trading Robot EA does not care about any trading principle at all. It is purely driven by statistical testing (i.e. backtesting and forward testing) results. Main goal with Pure Algo Trading Robot is to achieve consistency and to adapt any type of market. So far, it showed roboustness to most of major currency pairs. We had the first version running on June 2017 for more than 40 weeks on 4 major currency pairs. The results was stable and scalable. During this time, we have not even changed any single parameters for the EA. The EA operated pretty well on its own. Pure Algo Trading Robot EA is the medium frequency trading robot with ability to run on multiple currency pairs. It is 100% Hand Free Trading Robot.

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