Making your income with our Affiliate Program


With, you can generate stable but easy income by joining our ATI Affiliate Program. To start to generate your income with us, all you need is good internet connection and your own computer. That is all. So what are you exactly earning from us? You can earn up to 30% of the referral commission on our products. Below is the referral commission table summarizing your payment structure from us.

Algotrading-Investment-Affiliate Commission Table

 You can be ready to receive the payments in less than 10 minutes by following the few steps below. If anything is unclear to join our affiliate program, then do not hesitate to contact us @

1. Register on our ATI Affiliate Program

To register on our affiliate program, click this link or copy and paste this link to your browser to move to our Affiliate Registration page. This simple step is expected to take less than 1 minute to complete. Please enter your name, email address and your preferred password. You will also need to have a valid email address for your Pay Pal account. So later, we can send your commission automatically to your PayPal account. Once you have entered all the details in the box, then click “Register” button to complete this step.

2. Access to Affiliate Dashboard and Generate your own Referral Link

Your Affiliate Membership Approval can take some time. It is better for you to write us email for fast processing. Once the Membership is approved by us, you have an access to your own Affiliate Dashboard here: In this affiliate dashboard, you can always check your commission rate and your payment and click statistics with your referral link in your site. If you are curious about how much you are earning each month, then you can always visit your dashboard here:

3. Start to make money

To start to receive the commission from us, you need to create and place your referral link to your own website or your own social network site. To create your referral link, simply click “Generate Link” button under Menu. When you click the “Generate Link” button, you can see your own referral link as well as your own referral ID. In our example, we have “” as our referral link. When you place this referral link “” to your website or social network site, if people click this link, then the customers will be rediected to our site. Any sales made through your referral link, you will receive the commision from us.

4. Advanced Affiliate User

If you are an advanced affiliate User, sometimes you want to refer to our particular product URL not our home page URL. Even though the result might be the same, appearance wise, referring individual products can be better. To refer our product URL, you only need to follow few steps. For example, if you want to redirect you customers to harmonic pattern plus page here: Then copy and paste the URL of Harmonic Pattern Plus to Page URL box. Then click “Generate” button. Then affiliate dashboard will automatically combine our product URL with your referral ID. Place this newly created referral link (, in your site or your social network site. If the customers click the link, then he will be directed to our Harmonic Pattern Plus page. Regardless of which product your page you are redirecting the customers to, if any revenue is made, then you will receive commision. For example, you have redireted the customers to Harmnic Pattern Plus page, but the customers bought Price Breakout Pattern Scanner instead. You will still receive commision for his purchase of Price Breakout Pattern Scanner.

5. Where to post your affiliate link to receive commision

Whether you prefer Facebook or Twitter or Blog or anything else, posting your referral link won’t take any more than 2 minutes. You don’t even need a lot of technical knowledge to post your referral link anywhere on the website. Remember that your referral link is your money. As long as your referral link get clicked and hit the sales, then you will get paid automatically. You can do this at home or at work with great flexibility. At work, you will only get fixed salary, no matter how hard you worked for them. In our Affiliate Program, there is no salary limit for your hard working. So let it begin.

Frequenlty Asked Questions about Affilliate Membership

I don’t know anything about your products. Can I still become your Affiliate Member ?

The answer is yes. As long as you can send and receive emails, you can become our affiliate member. We are just saying that becoming our affiliate member is dead simple and easy. Therefore you can start to generate income with us together regardless of your knowledge about our products. If you have a detailed knowledge and technical skills, then please let us know too. We like to work with you together.

If my friend clicked my own referral link today but he will buy the produts from your website one month later. Can I still get paid ?

The answer is Yes. You will get paid even after one month later. Our database remember that your friend came to us through your referral link one month ago.

I don’t have an account with Pay Pal. Can I still get paid ?

No. Please create your own Pay Pal account as soon as possible. It will only take 5 minutes to do so.

What is the most effective way of using the referral link ?

In general, posting them to your social network site or to your own blogs are very good way. You can also send them using email if you wish.

Is it possible to post my own referral link to some forum ?

All the forum have their own rules and regulation. As long as you don’t bleach them, you can post your referral link. If you let us know which forum you want to post the link, then we can probably help you better.

I registered on your affiliate membership. But I still can’t access to my affiliate Dash board.

Once you have registered to your affiliate membership, it may take 1 or 2 days for us to approve you membership. Quite often you will get you membership less than one working days.