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To start to generate your income with us, all you need is good internet connection and your own computer to prmote our products and website online. You can earn up to 30% of the affiliate commission on our products. We pay you cash to your PayPal account. Our Affiliate Membership is fully integrated and automatic service on our website. So it is efficient and fair. You can be ready to receive the payments in less than 1 minute following three steps below.

Three Steps to become our Affiliate Member

Important note: Please do not use your own referral link for your own purchase. We do not allow self reference.

How to use Affiliate Member Dashboard

After registration here, you can use Affiliate Member Dashboard straight away. There are six fields for your information in DashBoard.

1. Overview: You can get the overall snapshot of your Affiliate activity. Information in the Overview page is self explanatory.

2. Sales: In the Sales page, you can check who bought through your referral links. The page will also display the amount of commision per transaction.

3. Payments: In the Payment page, you can check how much we have paid for your Affiliate Activity. The payment is fully automatic and there is less chance for human error. However if you do feel that there is some inaccurate amount of payments, then please contact us:

4. Affiliate Links: In the Affilate Link page, you can see the affiliate link genreated for you. We recognize your activity through this affiliate link.

5. Edit Profile: It is your information page. Make sure that you are setting your PayPal Transfer option and add correct PayPal account for your payment.

6. Log out: if you click on Log out button, you will be logged out from our website.

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How to use Affiliate Links

Affiliate link is sort of unique ID we use to track your sales activity. In fact, it is just a simple URL attached to your account. The unique Affilliate link is generated using following syntax:

Website address + ?wpam_id= your ID

For example, if your Affiliate ID =1, then with our website address:, your Affiliate ID will look like this:

Do not worry too much because your ID will be generated automatically from the Affiliate Dashboard. Just click on Affiliate Links page on the Dashboard to see your own Affiliate Links. For your information, we have created few more Affiliate links, just click on the list to see and to test them.

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You can create other affiliate links outside our provision if you wish. Here are some example of Affiliate links for you. In this example we assume that your Affiliate ID is 1. Please change the affiliate ID to yours from this example.

Example 1: link to our website through your Affiliate ID is

Example 2: link to our product page through your Affiliate ID is

Example 3: link to our Harmonic Pattern Plus page through your Affiliate ID is

Commission Rate and Promotion Period

Starting Commission rate is 20% when you start with us. This means that you will receive 100 dollar (500 x 0.2 = 100) when you send an affilliate link to your friend and your friend made 500 dollar purchase on our website. When you stayed with us at least three month with successive profits over 1000 dollar, we will increase your Commission rate to 25%. This means that you will receive 125 dollar (500 x 0.25 = 125) when the referred person made a 500 dollar purchaes on our website. When you stayed with us at least six month with successive profits over 1000 dollar, then we will increase your commission rate to 30%. This means that you will receive 150 dollar (500 x 0.3 = 150) when the referred person made a 200 dollar purchase on our website. We increase the commission rate for your loyalty to stay and work with us long time.

  • Basic Commission Rate: 20 % per sales price              (this is the minimum starting rate for you and for anyone)
  • Intermediate Commission Rate: 25% per sales price (Requirement is that you need to make over 1000 dollar profit per month for at least 3 successive months)
  • Advanced Commission Rate: 30% per sales price       (Requirement is that you need to make over 1000 dollar profit per month for at least 6 successive months)

Affiliate Links and Payments (Important)

Here is an interesting case to show you How the payment system work. For an example, you might send Haronic Pattern Plus page ( to your friend (or customer), your friend clicked on your Harmonic Pattern Plus page to visit our website, but he might buy Price Breakout Pattern scanner instead of Harmonic Pattern Plus. What happens in this case? In this case, you will still receive the commission. It is not the product we are referecing but we reference on your ID. As long as the customers are visiting us through the link containing your ID, you will get rewarded any purchase  he make on our website. If you feel any payment is in accurate, then contact us at :

Also to receive the payment without delay, please set your correct PayPal Address in the Edit Profile page in the Dashboard. Then click on Save Changes button.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Affiliate Membership

Question: I don’t know anything about your products. Can I still become your Affiliate Member ?

Answer: The answer is yes. As long as you can send and receive emails, you can become our affiliate member. We are just saying that becoming our affiliate member is dead simple and easy. Therefore you can start to generate income with us together regardless of your knowledge about our products. If you have a detailed knowledge and technical skills, then please let us know too. We like to work with you together.

Question: If my friend clicked my own referral link today but he will buy the products from your website one month or two month later. Can I still get paid ?

Answer: The answer is Yes. You will get paid even after one month or even two month later. Our database remember that your friend came to us through your referral link at least he make one click.

Question: I don’t have an account with Pay Pal. Can I still get paid ?

Answer: No. Please create your own Pay Pal account as soon as possible. It will only take 5 minutes to do so. We might be able using cheque but we work globally and cheque is not a convenient way to trasfer money.

Question: What is the most effective way of using the referral link ?

Answer: In general, posting them to your social network site or to your own blogs or to your own website are very good way. You can also send them using email if you wish. As long as you attach your referrral links on them, any method will work for you.

Question: Is it possible to post my own referral link to some forum ?

Answer: All the forum have their own rules and regulation. As long as you don’t bleach them, you can post your referral link.

Question: Can I use my own referral link for my own purchase to get some discounts ?

Answer: No. Self reference is not allowed with us. In fact, any business organization will not allow self reference. We will not also pay you out when you use your own affiliate referral link for your own purchase. Please do not do that in first place.