Introduction to Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner

The present state of Forex market can go through many different possible price paths to reach its future destination. Future is dynamic. Therefore, planning your trade with possible future scenario is an important step for your success. To meet such a concept, we introduce the Predictive Harmonic Pattern Scanner, Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner. By simulating many possible price scenarios, which can happen in the future, the Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner can show you the potential future harmonic patterns in advance as well as the present patterns. This collective information can be used to make an highly accurate trading decision.

Knowing how present patterns will evolve into the future, you can take advantage of early planning. With our indicator, you can think at least 30 steps ahead in the future. You can gain countless benefits from this early planning. We are really proud of introducing this revolutionary indicator to our Forex community. This is the cousin of Harmonic Pattern Plus but with the ability to detect future Harmonic Patterns. So the usage of Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner is almost identical to Harmonic Pattern Plus.

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