Introduction to Pair Trading Station

Pair Trading Strategy is a unique strategy trading two currency pairs at the same time matching long position of the one currency pair against the short position of another currency pair. Pair trading naturally uses hedging between highly correlated pairs and due to such hedging potential, Pair trading strategy is often preferred between experienced traders. Due to the mathematical complexity in analytical framework, average traders often could not have access to Pair Trading Strategy. To bring the advanced trading strategy to all traders, we have brought Pair Trading Station but made it easy and simple.

Our pair trading station provide entry and exit signal purely based on Statistical analysis including correlation, co-integration and regression. This type of trading strategy is also called statistical arbitrage or spread betting between Professional traders. The operation principle of Pair Trading Station is based on big data analytics. Therefore it requires serious amount of data and serious amount of computation to extract intermarket knowledge from the data and their relationship. In industry, this kind of data mining task was carried out by some seriously qualified individuals and pulling insights from data normally involves serious amount of mining time too. Fortunately our Pair Trading Station is fully automatic and such a knowledge discovery can be performed by just one or two mouse clicks. So we can recommend our Pair Trading Station to all level of Professional Traders.

We also provide the free Pair Trading Spread Analyzer to add extra capability  to our Pair Trading Station. So feel free to download this free Spread Analyzer and use it together. To run Pair Trading Spread Analyzer, you need to run Pair Trading Station in the first place. Below is the download link for the Pair Trading Spread Analyzer:

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