Individual Product Purchase Instruction for Non MQL5 Account Holder

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Purchase Instruction for Non Account Holder

To buy our products, you don’t need to open an account with You can just pay for our products from your PayPal or WebMoney or Neteller account directly. This procedure is very simple and you will also receive all the necessary supports on our products after your purchase. Even if you are an account holder with, you can still use this approach to buy our products. You might prefer this approach more. To buy our products from your PayPal or WebMoney or Neteller account directly, just log out from your MetaTrader terminal. Then follow these steps below:

How to buy our Products from your MetaTrader terminal

1. Start your MetaTrader terminal

2. On your terminal, click Market tab

3. On the search box on the market tab (top right corner), type our product name (e.g. Price Breakout Pattern Scanner, Harmonic Pattern Plus, Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer, etc).

4. List of products will be shown in the market tab, click on our product you wanted to buy (Please make sure that you enter the correct product name).

5. Now our product page will be loaded on the market tab.

6. Just click the buy button on the top right corner of the market tab

7. Now you will see different payment option to pay for our products. Click any payment option you like to proceed (In our example, we will use PayPal since it is most common.).

8. You will see order summary in one side and the other side, you will see your PayPal account log in page. Type your email and password to login to your PayPal account and then click Log in button.
9. Follow further instruction from your PayPal account to complete your transaction

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