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Purchase Instruction for Account Holder

If you are an account holder with and you want to buy our products through, it is fine. Then you will need two steps including:
1. deposit your fund to your account
2. buy our products through your MetaTrader terminal

We demonstrate these two steps in this purchase instruction.

How to deposit Fund to Account

1. Log in to, open your “Profile” and go to the “Payments” section

2. In menu of this section select “Deposit to account”.

3. Further you need to select one of several supported payment systems and click Deposit button.

Deposit Fund via PayPal

PayPal is the largest electronic payment system in the world. It is easy to use and has a high level of transactions security.
To deposit to via PayPal you need to register in PayPal and bind your account to either Visa or MasterCard plastic card. Learn more about these procedures in PayPal Help Center.
You should have enough money on your bank account with regard to commission. Conversion of your bank account currency into U.S. dollars is performed automatically according to bank’s rate.

Consider example of depositing at via PayPal.

1. Open the deposit page and select PayPal clicking Deposit button.

2. Specify the amount and click “Deposit.

3. In the standard PayPal wizard you must authorize and confirm the debiting from your bank account.

With automatic deposit money are transferred instantly.

4. The “Payments” section will always offer your complete payments history (date, number and type of operation, the sender, the recipient and the amount of credits). As for PayPal deposit the sender will be robot MQL5 PayPal Accountant, and the recipient will be your first name and last name (or login if your name is not specified), the operation column will contain e-mail address used to log in to PayPal. The amount will be displayed in blue.

5. Now you can spend available funds in your discretion. Read more about this later in the How to Spend at section of this article.

If you are using other payment system rather than Paypal, please refer to this article:

How to buy our Products from your MetaTrader terminal

1. Start your MetaTrader terminal

2. On your terminal, click Market tab

3. On the search box on the market tab (top right corner), type our product name (e.g. Price Breakout Pattern Scanner, Harmonic Pattern Plus, Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer, etc).

4. List of products will be shown in the market tab, click on our product you wanted to buy (Please make sure that you enter the correct product name).

5. Now our product page will be loaded on the market tab.

6. Just click the buy button on the top right corner of the market tab

7. Because you have loaded sufficient funds in previous steps, now your purchasing process will be completed and the product fee will be deducted from your fund in your account. Also note that if you don’t have enough fund or if your fund is not cleared yet, then you may not able to purchase our products.