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Using Offline Chart to Analyse Various Financial Market Data with Algotrading-Investment Platform

Introduction to Offline Chart Analysis feature in Algotrading-Investment Platform

Nowadays, many people converted from stock trading to forex trading and at the same time, many people converted from forex trading to stock trading. It is because our financial market have less barrier. Individuals can easily open several accounts with multiple of financial brokers. They can even enjoy trading on the move through internet connection. In this article, we illustrate how to use the offline chart to analyse various financial market data in brief. To follow this step, you will need to spend 10 minutes to read this step-by-step instruction. For your information, the offline analysis feature of our Algotrading Investment Platform are very free and you never need to sign up or to provide any personal information to use this feature. No hidden cost either. So please enjoy using this powerful feature. Yet, you can apply many popular technical analysis tools to your preferred financial data without any restriction. If you do not have the Algotrading-Investment Platform for this tutorial, then just download it for free of charge from our website:
Where can you find data?
Finding financial data is easy nowadays. Yahoo finance provides tones of data for you including International Stock, Commodity and Forex. You can use paid data too. However, for offline Chart analysis, Yahoo Finance or Google Finance provide sufficient data for your trading. If you have any intentions to trade on financial market, just go to Type any ticker of your interest in the Search box.

 Then just click Historical data, to get some data.

By clicking Download Data button, you can save any financial data from Yahoo Finance to your hard drive for your technical analysis.
After the data is saved in your hard drive, open the csv file in your Excel Spreadsheet. Then select five columns including Date, Open, High, Low, and Close. Then click “Copy”. We are almost done.
In your Algotrading-Investment platform, click “Offline Chart” button under the File Menu.
Make sure that you are filling three box correctly. Give some sensible name for the Symbol Ticker like MSFT for Microsoft. Do not try to type the entire name because you are limited to have up to 9 characters for your tickers. Normally for stock data, decimal digit is 2 but please check with the exchange or with the website. Timeframe is expressed in the Seconds value. For daily chart, type 86400. For 1 hour chart, type 3600. Ok now you are ready. Just click “Paste from Clipboard” button.

If data is successfully copied, then you can click on “Create Offline Chart”.
If everything is good, then you will the message like below.

Now you can see “MSFT_D1” ticker in your market watch. To start your analysis, just open the chart.

Make sure that you are opening the daily chart because we have imported daily stock data of Microsoft Corporation. In H1 or H4 timeframe, the chart will not draw correctly. But you can use higher timeframe like W1 or MN1 without any problem for your analysis. Now add any technical indicator to chart for your analysis.
The offeline chart for MSFT_D1 ticker will stay in your database as long as you do not delete them. So you can always come back for the new analysis if your analysis have not completed today.

Plus you might think the data importing process is tedious. Ok, no problem. There are many free tools you can actually important Yahoo Finance data to your Excel. Just type “yahoo finance, Excel, download tool” on google. You will see tons of articles talking about how to download data from Yahoo Finance free. If you have your own data set, you are more than welcome to use them. For example, you can use any Stock data including Indian, Turkish, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnams Stock market data, etc.
Then enjoy this powerful tool forever and good luck with your trading.