Momentum Indicator

Excessive Momentum indicator is a momentum indicator to capture the excessive momentun in bullish and bearish price swings in Volume Spread Analysis Context. Excessive Momentum Indicator is the first indicator to measure the excessive momentum directly from raw price series. Hence, this momentum indicator uses the logic of price action and pattern trading. Excessive Momentum Indicator was originally developed by Young Ho Seo. This indicator demonstrates the concept of Equilibrium Fractal Wave and Practical Application at the same time. Excessive Momentum detects the market anomaly. Excessive momentum will give us a lot of clue about potential reversal and breakout opportunity. The great advantage of Excessive momentum is that it is simple and easy to use. It can go well with most of known technical analysis including trend indicators, oscillators, Fibonacci trading, harmonic pattern trading, volume spread analysis, Elliott Wave pattern, etc.

Momentum Indicator Setting

A. Indicator settings

  • Bars To Scan: amount of candle bars to calculate the indicator
  • Momentum Strength Factor: Momentum Strength is the strength of Excessive Momentum to detect. It stays between 0.1 and 0.5. In theory it can go up to 1.0. But you will not get many signals to trade. The default setting is 0.15. You can try various Momentum Strength Factor to optimize your trading performance if you wish.

B. Graphic settings

  • Use White Chart: to use white chart, set to true, otherwise, just set to false
  • Excessive Momentum High Color: Excessive Momentum line color when peak (high) is detected
  • Excessive Momentum Low Color: Excessive Momentum line color when trough (low) is detected
  • Auto Fibo Color: Color of  Automatic Fibonacci Retracement in your chart

How to use

In the indicator, we provide the automatic Fibonacci Retracement to gauge the potential reversal opportunity. Hence, you can readily combine the classic Fibonacci trading setup with our Excessive momentum indicator. Do remember that excessive momentum line is the important support and resistance for your trading. Even though you have measured the Fibonacci ratio correctly for the potential reversal opportunity, the price must cross the excessive momentum line for confirmation. Sometimes, price can bounce off from the excessive momentum line. In this case, we get another reversal trading opportunity from excessive momentum line. Just treat the excessive momentum line as sensible support and resistance for your trading.

Additional Tools for Momentum Indicator

With excessive momentum indicator, oscillators like RSI and CCI can be used as secondary confirmation tools. This is the basic requirement for your trading.

With Harmonic Pattern and Elliott Wave pattern

If you want to use Excessive momentum indicator together with Harmonic pattern or Elliott Wave pattern, you can replace the Fibonacci Retracement provided from Excessive Momentum Indicator with your harmonic pattern or Elliott wave pattern measurement (you will need to use external Harmonic Pattern or Elliott Wave software for this). Alternatively, you can use Fibonacci Retracement together with Harmonic pattern and Elliott wave pattern if you wish.

With Volume Spread Analysis

Excessive Momentum indicator can be used  with volume spread analysis. For practical trading, we focus on identifying accumulation (=demand zone) and distribution area (=supply zone). To do so, you will be identifying demand and supply patterns around Excessive momentum zone to confirm the accumulation area and distribution area.

Please use one of these two Indicators for accumulation and distribution area identification.

Other Technical Indicator

Here are the list of tools you can use together with our Excessive momentum indicator.

Important Note

This product is the off the shelf product in the store. Therefore, we do not take any personal modification or personal customization request. For our products, we do not provide any code library or any support for your coding.

YouTube Video about Momentum Indicator

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Momentum Indicator YouTube

Momentum Indicator YouTube