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Gann’s angle was one of the very first concept using the geometric study between price and time for practical trading (Gann, 1935). In spite of the powerful idea behind the Gann’s angle, the chart scaling issue makes the Gann’s angle less practical for traders. In this book, we suggested the alternative approach of establishing the geometric relationship between price and time through probability. We showed how we created the Harmonic Volatility Line indicator using this alternative approach. The Harmonic Volatility Line indicator is not suffering from the chart scaling issue like Gann’s angle does. At the same time, the Harmonic Volatility Line indicator offers many functionality similar to the Gann’s angle. This book introduced how the Harmonic Volatility Line indicator could be used for market forecasting, turning point prediction, supports and resistances for traders in details. In spite of its wonderful features, the Harmonic Volatility Line indicator is still not bullet proof trading system. It requires discipline and knowledge to use for trading like Gann’s angle does. This book was published on behalf of However, the original creation of Harmonic Volatility Line indicator was done by Young Ho Seo after spending years of time on doing empirical research and strategy building in the Forex, Stock and Futures markets.