Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics

Financial Market consists of infinite cycles of Equilibrium Fractal Wave. Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics is the first tool to help you to trade with the equilibrium fractal waves in the financial market. With EFW Analytics, you can analyze the financial market and you can make an accurate trading decision. EFW Analytics combine both trading system and exploratory analysis tool in one body. With exploratory analysis tool, you can build your trading logic. With trading system, you can make an actual trading decision based on your trading logic.  In fact, most of trading strategies except some mathematical trading models does not provide such a convenient way of building trading logic into your trading system directly. EFW Analytics is one of few tools providing you the analytic tools as well as the trading system. The trading strategies used in the EFW Analytics are well described in the book:  Financial Trading with Five Regularities of Nature: Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading (By Young Ho Seo).

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