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This is an important announcement for all our customers. Because our database in our website is getting bigger and bigger each year, we had to relocate our server with bigger capacity.

This will not affect our new customers at all. If you are new customers, then just enjoy shopping with us as usual.

If you are the old customers, then now old Trading Investment Helper (version 2.07 and below) won’t work any longer. Hence, please download Trading Investment Helper version 2.08. With version 2.08, you will be able to use everything just as they were before without changing anything.

Moving our server to bigger capacity was done to provide better and faster service to all our customers. We hope you do understand our every time and effort to enhance our products quality and service.

As usual, Trading Investment Helper Version 2.08 can be downloaded from the same page here. If you need it, then just use the latest version only from now on.

If you have any problem with using Trading Investment Helper Version 2.08, do not hesitate to contact us. We will response you promptly on this matter:

At the same time, our products can be purchased directly from MetaTrader website here. Products are exactly same although you will be interfacing instead of If you prefer to stay with MetaTrader website, just use this link below:

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