Introduction to Double Harmonic Volatility Indicator

Use of the Fibonacci analysis for financial trading can nearly go back to 85 years from today since the birth of Elliott Wave Theory by R. N. Elliott. Until now, traders use the Fibonacci analysis to identify the patterns in the price series. Yet, we could not find any one attempted to use Fibonacci analysis for the Volatility. Harmonic Volatility Indicator was the first technical analysis tool applying the Fibonacci analysis to the financial Volatility. Originally, Harmonic Volatility Indicator was developed to overcome the limitation and the weakness of Gann’s Angle, also known as Gann’s Fan. We have demonstrated that Harmonic Volatility Indicator can be applied in a similar manner to Gann’s Angle (or Gann’s Fan) to your chart. At the same time, since the volatility is very important information for traders, Harmonic Volatility Indicator can bring many other benefits to traders too. One might use Harmonic Volatility indicator like the market profile to spot trend reversal point. More importantly, Harmonic Volatility Indicator can be well incorporated to your existing technical analysis to improve your trading. It is also very effective in spotting mature trend in its end phase. Bringing the Harmonic Volatility indicator further in its application level, Double Harmonic Volatility Indicator applies two Harmonic Volatility indicator in the significant peak and trough in your chart in the automatic manner. You can use this tool to identify the significant support resistance levels, trend reversal point and trend strength. To maximize your trading efficiency, we have added many automated features for your convenience.

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