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Time Indicator

Time Box Indicator is a time indicator for the trader working in Forex and Stock market. It will display daily, weekly and Monthly time box according to your preferences. It is a useful tool for your trading. For example, you can extend any important price levels at specific time in your chart automatically. You can use these extended trading levels as the significant support and resistance levels. It is very simple but effective tool for your trading.

Time Indicator Features

  • Automatic line extension for your trading
  • Automatic Daily Time Box Drawing
  • Automatic Weekly Time Box Drawing
  • Automatic Monthly Time Box Drawing

Time Indicator Setting

Graphic Setting

  • Use White Chart
  • Line Style for Current Open price

Daily Setting

  • Update Timeframe for daily box
  • Number of days to display
  • Days Box Color
  • Days Box Width

Weekly Setting

  • Update Timeframe for weekly box
  • Number of weeks to display
  • Weeks Box Color
  • Weeks Box Width

Monthly Setting

  • Update Timeframe for monthly box
  • Number of months to display
  • Months Box Color
  • Months Box Width

Time Indicator License

It is a free tool.

Price Action Indicator for Day Trading

The following technical indicators are the advanced price action indicator you can use for the day trading in Forex and Stock market. These indicators are based on Support Resistance, Harmonic Pattern, Supply Demand analysis, Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Analysis.

Price Action Books for Day Trading

1. Profitable Chart Patterns in Forex and Stock Market

2. Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading

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