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Introduction to Peak Trough Analysis

Peak Trough Analysis is the great tool to detect peaks and troughs in your chart automatically. Peak Trough Analysis tool can use three different peaks and troughs detection algorithm. The three algorithm include the orignal Fractal Indicator by Bill Williams, the Modified Fractal indicator and ZigZag indicator. You can use this peak and trough analysis tool to detect the price pattern made up from Equilibrium Fractal-Wave process. For further usage, there are good guide line on how to use this peak trough analysis tool in the chapter 11 in the book: Financial Trading with Five Regularities of Nature – Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading (Amazon link for the book: This is a free tool and you can use this powerful tool for your own benefit at your own risk.

Main Features

  • Peak Trough detection with the original Bill Williams Fractal indicator
  • Peak Trough detection with the Modifed Fractal indicator
  • Peak Trough detection with Zig Zag indicator
  • Great tool to detect price patterns made up from the Equilibrium Fractal-Wave process
  • Alert Features for peak and trough detection

How to Use

You can use in three mode.

  • Mode 1: The fractal indicator by Bill Willams
  • Mode 2: The Modified Fractal indicator
  • Mode 3: Zig Zag indicator

To use Modified Fractal Indicator algorithm, Set “Use Modified Fractals” =  true.

To use for Zig Zag indicator algorithm, Modified Fractals = false

To use the original Fractal Indicator algorithm by Bill Williams, Set “Use Modified Fractals” =  true. Set N left = N right = 2.

1. Modified Fractal Setting

  • N left:   N = number of bars counting to left
  • N right:  N = number of bars counting to right

2. Zig Zag Setting

Use default setting unless you are familiar with Zig Zag indicator

  • ZigZag Depth
  • ZigZag Deviation
  • ZigZag Backstep

3. General Setting

  • Arrow Shift in Pixels: 10 = default
  • Use White Background Chart: true or false only
  • Enable sound alert: true or false only
  • Send email if peak or trough is found: true or false only
  • Send notification if peak or trough is found: true or false only

Excel ZigZag Indicator and Peak Trough Analysis

If you do not use MetaTrader for your trading, it is fine. We also provide the Zigzag indicator and Peak Trough Analysis in Excel. Of course, this is free tools. Download link for the Excel ZigZag indicator plus the instruction on how to use them can be found in the link below. The provided Excel version of ZigZag indicator and Peak Trough Analysis tools are provided as the part of technical analysis package. They also provide you the graphical user interface. Hence, you can apply them in just few button clicks. The algorithm used in the Excel version of ZigZag indicator and Peak Trough Analysis tools are equivalent to MetaTrader version of ZigZag indicator and Peak Trough Analysis.


How to use Peak Trough Analysis is discussed in the part of these two reference books:

1. Profitable Patterns in Forex and Stock Market

2. Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading

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