Where do you want to be in next five years ?

Signal service is a growing trend in the trading and investment community. Without too much knolwedge in trading and investment, the signal service is one very tangible solution to grow your capital because the saving account isn’t attractive option any more as it used be back 20 years ago. Many of the national saving account does not offer more than 2% of the annual return. Offering your money to the public fund management company isn’t attractive option either because they take extra risk of getting just average return of the 5% to 15% annual growth. Just like any thing else, Do It Yourself (DIY) is the most cheapest and profitable way of growing your capital if you know what to do. It is simply because you can save yourself paying many expensive fees and costs to other firms. Recent growth in electronic transaction technology made the access to the exchange much easier than it used be. There are increasing numbers in the Small and Medium sized investors using these electronic trading and investment environment. What factors would decide the position of your capital in next five years? After a decade of experience working with professional traders and fund manager, the most important two factors were the accurate decision making and risk management. We provide the powerful technology enormously helping you to fulfil  the accurate decision making and risk management. Please read further down to find out how we can help you with your trading and investment.


signal service

signal service


Introduction to Our Signal Service

We offer several Signal Services across different markets. The main purpose of our signal service is to offer easier and simpler access to the powerful trading strategy for average person. The advantage of signal service is that you can committ less comparing to the classic manual traders. Yet, our algorithm will detect important patterns for your trading as well as offering you the potential Reward/Risk criteria for your trading. Here are the signal services we offer currently. To get more depth information about our signal service, just click the link below. You will move to the dedicated page for our signal service.

Signal service is operating on monthly subscription. This is suitable for average traders looking to simple and easy trading solution. If you are looking for more sophisticated trading system in Price Action and Pattern Trading for your own DIY trading, then you can visit our product page. For MT4/MT5 products, we provide the life time license instead of monthly subscription.

If you are an professional financial trader or prop trading firm looking to commercialize your own trading and investment signal, then you can talk to our developer for setting up your signal service business. We can help you to distribute your signal all over the world. To get more information about our signal providing business solution, please click the link below.