Best way to check Market Sentiment and How often you should check Market Sentiment

We provide a convenient way of monitoring Forex Market with our Correlation Ranking Heat Map. Correlation Ranking Heat Map can serve you for many different purpose. One of the purpose is to help you monitor the Market sentiment in convenient way. To check overall market sentiment, open the ranking table. If there is more green colored areas in the table, this means that market has more bullish sentiment. If there is more red colored area in the table, this means that market has more bearish sentiment. This is very basic feature of our Correlation Ranking Heat Map but very useful for everyday use.

Why checking the sentiment before your trading is useful ? When I just wake up in the morning, it is very hard to grab what market is really doing. Or sometimes, when I was away couple days from my computers, it is the same. We lost the feel for the market. Whenever you need to recover your feel for the market, you can just open our Correlation Ranking Heat Map to check the overall market sentiment.

Naturally, we can have one question. How often you should check the market sentiment during the day. I often check the market sentiment at the start and end of Asian, European and USA sessions. So I check them at least 4 to 5 times a day. This helps me a lot to gain valuable insight about the market throughout my trading operation.

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