Multiple Timeframe Scanning for Harmonic Pattern

Multiple Timeframe Scanning or multiple timeframe analysis is a convenient feature when you want to trade with Harmonic Pattern. It allows you to alert the latest harmonic pattern across all timeframe. It is handy that you can view all these patterns in one place. Here is simple screenshot showing you how to enable Multiple Timeframe Pattern Scanning in your Harmonic Pattern Plus and Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner. Just enable Use Multiple Timeframe Pattern Detection = true in your input setting. That is all. Even if you attach one indicator per symbol only, you can still tell if any Harmonic Pattern is formed in another timeframe.

 There is small “M” button in your chart in case you want to refresh multiple timeframe pattern scanning manually. If you are using MetaTrader 5 platform, then you might need this sometimes when data is not fully loaded in your MetaTrader. Especially, in MetaTrader 5 platform, it can take sometime to load data on lower and higher timeframe. However, once they are loaded, you should be able to see the patterns detected across all timeframe. In fact, this longer data loading is done because MetaTrader 5 platform is loading tick by tick data, which is really heavy for your CPU and Memory and this can not be controlled by the indicator. Hence, we can not blame the platform builder anyway as they tried to do something good intentionally in their end. Since in MetaTrader 4, they only load Open, High, Low and close price, the data loading time is pretty fast and not noticeable most of time. Please have a look at the YouTube video to understand the multiple timeframe analysis better with Harmonic Pattern.

Please watch YouTube video for full explanation:

Link to Harmonic Pattern Plus

Link to Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner

Multiple Timeframe Scanning for Harmonic Pattern

You can also watch the YouTube Video titled “Harmonic Pattern Scanner with Multiple Timeframe Analysis”

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